Video Game Movies: 15 Heroes And The Actors That Should Portray Them

Video game movies.

Normally that’s enough said for most to just walk away. Video game movies aren’t always good. Most of them are down right dreadful. It is so hard to truly capture a video game in a different entertainment medium.

Most of the time the first thing gamers hate on is the casting. It seems that besides Max Payne most video game movies are rarely given a chance to shine with top tier talent and instead have to contend with mostly B- and C-list actors and actresses. Hollywood almost never gets the characters right.

That’s why today and tomorrow we’re going to use our imaginary unlimited movie funds to cast the best actors in 15 movies.

Today we’re going to start off with the heroes and list 15 main characters with their best possible casting. Tomorrow we’ll hit their villains and complete the on-screen rivalries.


Cole MacGrath (inFamous)

Played by: Sam Worthington

Known for: Clash of the Titans, Avatar, and Terminator Salvation



Let’s me say this upfront, I don’t like Sam Worthington. I find him to be a flat actor but if there’s one role he can pull off it’s the smug and careless asshole. He played that perfectly in Termination Salvation and it would fit Cole’s regular attitude. Cole means well most of the time but he does come off as smug and careless. At times he can also seem greedy and be an asshole. All you have to go is slap some lightning powers on Mr. Worthington and tell him to play Terminator again with less screaming and we’re golden.



Connor Kenway (Assassin’s Creed III)

Played by: Noah Watts

Known for: Ringer, and voicing Connor in the game



Noah may not have the best track record of picking movies and titles to be attached to but when he hit Assassin’s Creed III with the lead role, he did something right. It turns out Noah also looks the part and if he bulked up just a tad he would actually be Connor. I may not be this character’s biggest fan (I actually wanted to keep playing as Haytham “Grandmaster of Swag” Kenway) but it’s clear as day that Noah that is the perfect fit to bring his character to life.



Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry)

Played by: Jensen Ackles

Known for: Supernatural, Smallville, and My Bloody Valentine



The new Dante is getting pretty mixed reviews from gamers. Half of the players like him a lot and the others want to burn him in a fire. That’s fine and all but one thing you have to give the new Dante is that he has one hell of an attitude. Instead of being self-obsessed and egotistical like the original Dante, this one just doesn’t care. He goes through life living it up and doing anything he damn well pleases. When responsibility and his long lost brother hit him in the face, he still manages to keep that in tack while taking matters into his own hands. Jensen Ackles could pull this off very, very well. His character in Supernatual, Dean, almost has the same poise as the new Dante and if that show has done anything for Mr. Ackles it has proven that he can act very damn well.



The Dovahkiin (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Played by: Christopher Hemsworth

Known for: Thor, Cabin in the Woods, and Red Dawn



Who else could lay down the Fus Ro Dah better than the God of Thunder himself? Chris Hemsworth has been plenty busy since first wielding Mjolnir and his various movie projects have shown that he can be quite the badass in different situations. Being the Dovahkiin would really take all of his latest action experience and roll it into one with a Skyrim movie. Thor fighting dragons and shouting at Draugr Lords all across the frozen lands of Skyrim would be a hell of a sight.



Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed II)

Played by: Adrian Paul

Known for: Highlander, War of the Worlds, and Tracker



Many of you may not know of Adrian Paul but he was the main character in the Highlander TV series. I know, not something that’s at the top of many people’s watch lists however it was entertaining and Paul did a great job in it. Not only that, he played his ass off in Highlander: Endgame. It seems that Christopher Lambert brings the best out in him but I think he’s be able to pull off Ezio with a charm. The only issue here is that Paul is a bit older now but with some make-up and the Assassin’s hood up most of the time, he could still look the part. That also means he could play Ezio in any sequels, though.  Paul would be able carry the kind of confidence and swag that Ezio does so well.



FemShep (Commander Shepard – Mass Effect)

Played by: Charlize Theron

Known for: The Italian Job, Arrested Development, and Prometheus



Prometheus may be a “love to hate” movie but Charlize Theron played a damn good role. In fact, seeing her in space and as the kind of leader she was aboard the ship is the entire basis for why I think she would rock the silver screen as a female Commander Shepard. I always felt that FemShep seemed a lot more serious than how the male counterpart came off. I almost had to play her as a “get the job down then relax” character instead of mixing both as the male Shepard. Charlize Theron just seems perfect for this role.



Gabriel Belmont (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)

Played by: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Known for: Black Hawk Down, and Game of Thrones



Nikolaj would need to bulk up a tad bit for this role but he would be perfect for Gabriel Belmont. Lords of Shadow really focused on giving the player a hard hitting story and thanks to the Game of Thrones experience, I think Nikolaj would blend his Lannister character with the Belmont perfectly. Gabriel is a lot serious than Jamie but when the Kingslayer has to be serious, Nikolaj really shines through. The scene between him and Ned Stark in Kingsport comes to mind. Plus, imagine the Kingslayer up against Dracula. I’d buy a ticket.



Jim Raynor (StarCraft)

Played by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Known for: Watchmen, Supernatural, and The Losers



Give Jeffrey Dean Morgan shaggy, long hair and put him in a battle suit and I’d swear I was actually looking at Raynor himself. Aside from being able to look the part, Morgan’s normal acting style fits Raynor to a ‘T’. His delivery and voice would really bring to life the way we saw Jim in StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Couple that with the way Morgan can portray emotion and we have a winner here. In fact, Blizzard, start working on this right now because it just works too damn much.



Kratos (God of War)

Played by: Nathan Jones

Known for: Troy, Conan The Barbarian, and Fearless



How could you possibly say no after seeing this picture? I mean, if you painted the red stripe down his face he would look just like Kratos. Nathan Jones isn’t known for being a great actor but he is a strongman and can deliver a rage-like emotion very well. Oh, look, I just described Kratos. Seriously though, Nathan Jones not only looks the part but can act it very well because screaming, grunting, and being angry is just about all he can do well. God of War wouldn’t be a philosophical movie anyways and that makes Jones the best pick for the part.



Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Played by: Ben Barnes

Known for: The Chronicles of Narnia and Dorian Gray



Link is a unique character. He doesn’t talk but his presence, attitude, and look say enough about him. When I think of how Ben Barnes played Prince Caspian in Chronicles of Narnia, all I have to do is mute the TV and I see Link. Throw him in a green tunic and strap a Hylian shield to his back and I couldn’t picture anyone else better in this role. Barnes has the look to really pull off the Hero of Time and with his fantasy movie experience behind him, he’d be ready to save Hyrule.



Shepard (Mass Effect)

Played by: Dominic Purcell

Known for: Blade: Trinity, Prison Break, and Killer Elite



I understand male Shep has a face model but to be honest Mark Vanderloo isn’t an actor. If we wanted to find a Commander that looked the part and could act then the only person that comes to mind is Dominic Purcell. He played an amazing role in Prison Break and his work in Equilibrium shows me that he can fight and look like a soldier. Strap him inside some N7 armor and you’d have yourself a real life galactic savior.



Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Played by: David Hayter

Known for: Guyver: Dark Hero and voicing Snake in the games



Look I just can’t do a Metal Gear movie without the correct voice. I understand that others could somewhat look the part or look good trying to do the part but Hayter IS Snake. Get him in shape to slim him down and put some muscle back on him (almost like a slightly buffer Sean Barker from Guyver) and all he’d need is some facial make-up to bring Solid Snake to life. Either that or you could go Naked Snake and do an MGS3 movie. I think Hayter would look more like Big Boss than Solid Snake but either way he could pull it off. Konami may not want to give him the chance but honestly, there is no one more suited for this role than him.



Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Played by: Asa Butterfield

Known for: The Wolfman, Hugo, and Ender’s Game



This young lad is playing Ender in the upcoming adaptation of Ender’s Game. He has also starred in Hugo and The Wolfman so his roles have varied massively. Asa is a very versatile young actor and that makes me think that he could pull off Sora. So far his roles have leaned on the side of sympathetic so at least playing as Sora would give him a chance to loosen up, smile, and go a bit overboard. Sora is a kid loving life and his friends when he’s suddenly thrown into a dangerous and twisted adventure featuring Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Who wouldn’t want to see how this would be like on the silver screen?



Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

Played by: Ray Liotta

Known for: Goodfellas, Hannibal, and voicing Tommy in the game



Tommy Vercetti was created basically in the likeness of Ray Liotta so there is no other choice here for a Vice City adaptation. Ray’s aging a bit now but that’s nothing Hollywood can’t fix up and then throw him in Miami with an Uzi in one hand, a babe in the other, and a tank sitting behind him waiting to trample cars and blow up cops. Yeah, that would go over just swell. Still, Liotta would run home with this part as he already knows how Tommy acts and handles situations so it would be easy for him to slip into the role on the big screen.



Varian Wrynn (Warcraft)

Played by: Jason Momoa

Known for: Game of Thrones, Conan The Barbarian, and Stargate: Atlantis



A Warcraft movie is going to be tough to pull off. However, being a fan there’s only one way I can see this working out well enough to really engage moviegoers: Varian Wrynn. The King of Stormwind’s journey from capture, to gladiator, to refugee, to king again is a great tale and it should be easy enough to reproduce on the silver screen while showing off plenty of what Warcraft has to offer. Also, Varian is involved in so many storylines that include high profile characters such as Thrall, Garrosh, Deathwing, The Lich King, and many others so giving him the lead in the movie would open up many possibilities for sequels. Jason Momoa, while a bit too tall, would really play off Varian well. If he took his role from Conan but went a bit more serious with his demeanor, he would play Varian to a ‘T’. Plus, he would look badass in the King’s armor.



If you enjoyed this then stick around because tomorrow we’ll cast villains for all 15 of these heroes (yes, even fem and male Shepard).




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    I STRONGLY disagree, Jason Statham should be portraying Cole. Just look at the guy. He is a living human version of Cole in every way.

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