New Thief Game Announced for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

The next installment in the popular stealth franchise Thief has been announced today, and it’s launching on the PS4, PC, and other next generation consoles (i.e. the next Xbox) in 2014.  The game will be simply called “Thief”, and it brings back series protagonist Garrett.

Thief is gracing the cover of April’s issue of Game Informer, and some details about the game have been revealed.  Garrett looks to be traversing in a town called “The City,” where a tyrannical ruler known as the Baron is probably being a jerk to everyone.  16 screenshots have been leaked so far, and there looks to be a heavy medieval/Gothic tone and setting.

I’ve never played any of the Thief games, but I know they’ve been highly touted for having some great stealth mechanics back in the day.

The Thief series first started with Thief: The Dark Project back in 1998, and has had two sequels since then.  The last game, Thief: Deadly Shadows, was released in 2004.  This new Thief game has been in development at Eidos Montreal for a while now, and with the success of Deux Ex: Human Revolution, I’m sure they’re confident now more than ever to really push for Thief.

(Source – GameSpot)