Latest Humble Bundle Features Super Hexagon

Humble Bundle with Android 5 has arrived today, and with it came a pretty decent spread of games. The amazing indie game pay-what-you-want-and-give-some-to-charity package will be available for the next two weeks, and it features NightSky HD, Solar 2, Dynamite Jack, and Beat Hazard Ultra. If you pay above the average, which is about $7 right now, you will also get hooked up with Dungeon Defenders and all of its DLC as well as my latest crack addiction, Super Hexagon.

For those unaware of The Humble Bundle, it is an indie game bundle that allows the buyer to pay what they want for a set amount of video games that are on sale. When the buyer pays more than the average, they also get a few extra games. The best part about The Humble Bundle is the fact that the buyer can choose exactly who is getting their money. Whether they choose to give it to The Humble Bundle, the developers of the games, charity, or all three, it’s the buyer’s choice. And so far has raised approximately $10.7 million for charity, and the number raises with each purchase (that’s a good thing).

I’m always a sucker for these bundles, and it’s always gives me that warm feeling to give a little support directly to indie devs and to charity, so hopefully you can find a little spare cash for this great offer.  For those without an Android, even though the name may be deceiving, these games aren’t Android-exclusive. So if this deal piques your interest and you happen to have an iPhone, just be aware you can still play these games on Windows, Mac, and Linux with a purchase as well! There’s two weeks left in the sale, so be sure to get on there and give some support to the brave independent developers and charities.