Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 69 Recap: Fatal Dodgeball

In Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 69 – “A Heated Showdown” – we get a glimpse of the power behind the creators of Greed Island through Razor’s beastly throwing strength, turning a game of dodgeball into a frightening showdown of potentially fatal proportions.


The Recap:

The small group of Gon, Killua, and Bisuke successfully recruit the assistance of Tsezugera’s group, with Gon and Killua switching the tables on the veteran hunter who once evaluated them. After Tsezugera “passed” Killua’s test (and after Gon and Killua unintentionally display how much they’ve improved), they train for the sports battles they expect to fight and recruit fodder team members who just want to get back to the real world, since they have nine fit players and only need eight to win. Once back in Razor’s hideout, the first few sports events are easily won by Tsezugera’s allies. Razor intervenes and challenges Gon’s group to a game of 8 on 8 doedgeball, effectively nullifying their earlier wins. The large Bobobo disobeys orders and attempts to rally his fellow “pirates” to defy Razor, who promptly crushes his head with a Nen projectile. The trio of Gon, Killua, and Bisuke learn that Greed Island is in the real world, and Razor is a Game Master, one of its creators. Gon asks Razor if Ging was in the game, and Razor simply replies by saying Ging told him not to take it easy on his son. Razor summons some of his real fourteen devils with his Nen ability that lets him create numbered Nen beasts. In Gon’s group, Goreimu makes up for the lack of the last two able members with his own Nen beasts, a black and a white gorilla. The game proceeds, and immediately Razor shatters Goreimu’s spirit (and his white gorilla) by demonstrating the difference in their strength. Tsezugera receives a near fatal blow to the back, and is too injured to continue. Gon’s group finds respite in Hisoka’s Bungee Gum ability, but Razor merges two of his Nen beasts to catch Hisoka’s throw and hold on to the ball. In his counterattack, Razor throws an unreserved pitch straight at Gon’s head, who meets it dead on with Ko, focusing his aura into his hands. Gon is blown away but is relatively unhurt, pumped up and ready for more.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 69 - Screenshots

The Review:

I had trouble condensing the recap for this episode as much as I could – a testament to the brisk pace that Hunter X Hunter 2011 is known for, especially compared to its 1999 predecessor. Episode 69 also didn’t lack in story progression as the last few episodes did, even if the protagonists are stuck playing a game within the game. There is much to look forward to in the next few episodes judging from this episode’s display of Nen mastery and strength. Razor’s level as a Nen master is yet unrivaled by many previously seen character in the series. Deploying up to 14 Nen beasts and manipulating them as he wants is a fearsome ability, and matched with his own strength it’s justifiable that he challenges people to just a game of dodgeball and not an actual fight, otherwise Greed Island can only be finished by the likes of Genei Ryodan members and Zoldyck family heads. Speaking of the Ryodan, Hisoka shows some interest in the game, probably because of the insanely tough opponent, but the advantage of his Bungee Gum lasted only for so long. I’m left to wonder if Hisoka wants to fight Razor too, as he once tried to challenge Hunter Association Chairman Netero.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 69 - Preview of Episode 70

In the next episode, we see Gon try out his new ability on an unlikely target: the ball. It looks like he wants to hit the ball at full force to deliver a throw with a force that rivals Razor’s. With their dream team – Gon, Killua, Hisoka, and Bisuke – this dodgeball game can only get better.


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