Assassin’s Creed 4 Will Feature a Single-Player Connected System on Next-Gen

Argggh Mateys! As if the constant barrage of picturesque screen shots, trailer videos, and other information wasn’t enough, word has come out that Assassin’s Creed 4 will carry some pretty sweet “special” systems for all the pirate assassins out there.  The one receiving the main focus right now is called a “single-player connected system mode” on next-gen systems, which will give the player a whole new depth within playing solo that goes beyond solo and expands on it in all new ways.  In an article from Joystiq, quoted from a Q&A session which was found by All Games Beta, creative Jean Guesdon explained the new feature in more detail stating:

“Next-gen versions will bring to the players, new connected features  allowing them to feel that even if they remain ‘single player,’ it will be better to be a ‘single connected player.’  I mean that next-gen Consoles will allow players to have a solo experience that benefits the presence of a huge community.”

While the feature may at first suggest connectivity through the main consoles with handheld ones such as the 3DS or Vita, it is apparent that this different type of connectivity is something that seems more along the lines of helpful side quests or tough decisions that must be made which directly affect the community within the game and how the game moves forward.  In reference to “side quests,” Guesdon did speak a little about a “horizon system,” which will allow scallywags of all types to do special side quests which pertain to that specific character type and only that particular type which allows that character to move forward once completed.

There are sure to be many other special features found within the game which will most likely come to light soon as more information continues to leak about this exciting adventure.  Leave a comment here at to say what you think.  Thank you to Joystiq for additional information.