Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Trailer: What Does It Mean For The Game?

Yesterday, the trailer for the newest chapter of the Assassin’s Creed franchise was “leaked” on the internet. After quickly being taken down, details were still found within the trailer that may give us insight into how the game will turn out.

We will join forces with Blackbeard? – The trailer begins with a man who says “All right lads, I’ll give you Blackbeard’s honest opinion.” The man is obviously important, and he looks experienced and battle-worn. He is talking to a group of pirates who have asked him about the game’s protagonist, Edward Kenway. The man seems to know Kenway very well, even so much as to be slightly afraid of him, saying “there is more mystery to that man than even I dare ask.” If this man is indeed Blackbeard as he states, this could open up the possibility of fighting alongside the legendary pirate. Blackbeard says “I seen him clear the deck of a Spanish Galleon like it were nothing,” suggesting he has been with him while Kenway did this feat.  However, Blackbeard died in 1718, three years after the game is supposedly set, so maybe our time with him will not be lengthy.

The new guy is definitely Edward Kenway – According to the Blackbeard, Kenway is “ranked amongst the most clever” pirates in the West Indies. He is also described as “a fearsome dog… fighting like a devil dressed as a man.” The protagonist wears a cross between pirate wear and the traditional Assassin clothing, using the hood to hide his face while fighting and sneaking similar to past heroes. The man fights brutally in the trailer, using his dual swords and QUADRUPLE pistols to overcome his enemies.

Not to do away with the traditional Assassin blade, the end of the trailer suggests he has a personal agenda (likely against Templars) and he uses his blade to silently kill his target without blinking. Maybe this protagonist has a dark secret or two?

The trailer also gave us our first full look at the man we will take control of:

Underwater sections – The trailer shows us Kenway swimming down to the depths of the ocean towards a large shipwreck. This opens up tons of possibilities. Could we find old treasure under the sea? Or are there other things that were left in the old ships to help the Assassins? As a side note, there is a shark in the frame below. Underwater shark fighting or just for show? I hope for shark fighting!


 There will be good ol’ piratey sections! – The trailer shows two parts where the new protagonist and his crew could be doing piratey deeds. The first showing the crew on a tropical island with a fire. Edward Kenway is talking to a crew member walking off with him. Could this be the crew landing to find a hidden treasure?

The second is the shot of Edward Kenway blocking off soldiers carrying a large chest. Presumably the chest contains treasure or booty or the like. But the interesting part is the crew member hiding in the foliage next to the soldiers. This could show a new way of being tactical in missions. You could order your crew to take up flanking positions or make distractions while you take the enemies out. This part is especially exciting.


Classic Assassin’s gameplay – A frame from an over-the-shoulder perspective shows Kenway in full Assassin mode, perching on a rooftop while surveying his surroundings. This is the first part of the trailer showing classic gameplay. This is similar to the View Points in previous games where the player could expand the map and see targets from afar.

Insert Eagle sound here.

Kenway is a charmer – One of the final parts of the trailer shows Edward Kenway leaving a room with where two naked women lie in bed. This could be Ubisoft pointing at Kenway being more of a similar character to Ezio where he could charm the women fairly successfully. If this is a return to the charming central character, then we may have a character to rival that of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.

Date and Consoles announced – We already knew that the game would be released this year, as Ubisoft releases an Assassin’s Creed game every year. But what we didn’t know was that it is being released for next generation consoles. The logo for the PlayStation 4 is there, and the “consoles” suggests multiple releases, Xbox Durango is extremely likely.

Is there anything you have noticed from the trailer? Let me know in the comments below.