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5 More Minecraft Biome Ideas

Two months ago I wrote an article with ideas for new Minecraft biomes. Minecraft rarely releases new environments, so the game still has a ways to go to reach its biome potential. Here are 5 more biome ideas Mojang needs to incorporate into Minecraft, because we can never have too much variety.

Coral Reef

The vast oceans of Minecraft tend to get a little boring. Underwater exploration doesn’t give the player any valuable resources, and it isn’t fun to explore. The best way to deal with water is to build a boat and pretend like the vast ocean you’re crossing doesn’t exist. But with a Coral Reef biome, there would be a reason to explore the underwater world. A coral biome would provide players with a unique resource in coral  that could only be found by searching the ocean’s depths. And what would be cooler to explore than an underwater cave with walls made of brightly colored coral?

Town Variety

I love the idea of towns in Minecraft. In my last article I wrote Mojang needs to add a city biome, but now I think the village mechanic needs to be pushed even further. Each village needs a completely different design depending on the surrounding biome and the local terrain. Some of these micro civilizations should be more advanced than others, and use redstone and technology instead of furnaces of lava. At the same time, there should be less developed villages that use the natural structures around them to forge their buildings.

There should also be some differentiation with what the townsfolk do. Some villages should stay as farming communities,  but others should focus on different occupations. Not only would these changes to the village biome make the game more interesting, but they’d also make it much more rewarding to find these towns and loot them.

Fresh/Salt Water

Here’s a simple Minecraft biome idea: make a distinction between fresh and salt water. Each one of these separate biomes would have different traits, unique wildlife, enemies, blocks, and size. Obviously fresh water biomes would be smaller lakes and rivers found throughout the mainland, filled with fish and lily pads  But oceans would become a more dangerous beast to reckon with, filled with sharks, deep caves, and hidden dangers. This distinction would create a new biome easily, and make the endless stretches of Minecraft water more fun to interact with.


During the day Minecraft is a safe place to explore. It doesn’t matter if you stumble across a jungle or a desert, and as long as the sun is up you’re fine. But what if there were wastelands… forsaken biomes filled with graveyards and village ruins. This would be a place, like the Nether, that only the most equipped and experienced adventures would dare explore. A biome where monsters spawn when they want to, a wasteland biome would add another layer of role-playing and an interesting obstacle to the average player. Do I adventure through the wasteland to explore the riches of past civilizations? Or do I find a way around it?



I don’t see that much ice in Minecraft. It’s usually on the edges of a tundra’s river, or a couple blocks on top of a mountain. I’m not sure why Mojang isn’t taking advantage of this awesome block more. Glacier biomes made almost entirely of ice would be awesome to explore. Having walls, ceilings, and floors to see through would make this biome totally different from the rest of the game. Even though you think you can see where you’re mining, you’ll never know when breaking the next block of ice will make you fall to your death. Throw in some intricate ice caves and castles, and you’ve got yourself yet another awesome minecraft biome.


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