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Steam Scope: Mark of the Ninja

Steam Scope: A series that keeps you up to date with the best deals, discounts and price drops on Steam. This week’s awesome deal is Mark of the Ninja, a stealth based indie game from Klei Entertainment. Mark of the Ninja was released in October of last year, but if you haven’t picked it up yet now’s the time to do so. The game is 67% off until March 4th and it’ll be hard to find a game that’s this fun for $5 anytime soon.

If you haven’t heard of this title before look it up online. There’s nothing but good things to say from every critic that’s reviewed the game. And with a Metacritic Score of 91 you know you can’t go wrong adding this game to your Steam shopping cart.

It’s hard to get a stealth game right. There are only a few games in the genre that I enjoy playing. Usually stealth game’s mechanics get boring or repetitive quickly. Or they require perfect timing and precision to the point of frustration. Mark of the Ninja keeps the game fresh by adding new elements and items throughout its levels. It’s controls are easy to use and feel natural. And Klei Entertainment does a great job of breaking up the exciting combat with captivating cut scenes that show off a good story and simply look badass.

The 2-D platformer style of Mark of the Ninja works perfectly. It makes the developers focus on other aspects of the game, other than just combat. Mark of the Ninja is as much a puzzle game as it is a stealth based action game. The player has to take breaks from running across buildings and surprising unsuspecting guards to assess the situation and to plan out how to tackle the next obstacle. Mark of the Ninja’s focus on mechanics other than just combat lead to a well-rounded and dynamic game.

I bought Mark of the Ninja when it came out on Steam last October, and even months later I enjoy getting on and playing through a couple of levels. Even if you miss out on this deal I’d still recommend Mark of the Ninja at its normal $15 price tag. But honestly you should upload Steam and buy this game now.


Check out the video below to see some Mark of the Ninja in-game footage, and a sneak peek at the game’s awesome cut-scenes.

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