Pokemon X and Y Pokedex Leaked By Mr. XY

Update: This was debunked by Mr. XY himself but we still found some interesting things that came from him, including some from this Pokedex. Check out a list of his most creative rumors.


/v/ sensation Mr. XY is at it again with more Pokemon X and Y leaks. Again, take this as a rumor as always.

This time Mr. XY has leaked all of the Pokedex including numbers, names, and types. This would be huge if it proves to be real as we would now know every single Pokemon and the new type combos.

The picture below shows the post by Mr. XY.


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The thing that’s really interesting here is the type combos. Dragon/Fighting, Poison/Steel, Rock/Fire, and Bug/Ice really catch  my eye. This Pokemon X and Y Pokedex seems really interesting. However, the only thing that really gets to me about this leak is that it seems really reliant on the new type combos.

With the amount of leaks coming out about Pokemon X and Y, if all of this proves right we’ll basically know everything about this game months and months in advance. Again, Mr. XY and his leaks need to be taken as rumor but they are still very exciting to read about.

Pokemon X and Y are gearing up to be a great leap forward for the series and if even half of these rumors are real, we’re in for a treat from Game Freak.

The previous leaks have also been very informative about gameplay, new Pokemon, and much more. Follow the previous leaks below:

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Leak 1

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Leak 4

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Are you excited about this possible Pokemon X and Y Pokedex? Are there some rumors you don’t like? Personally I’m a bit underwhelmed by the possible amount of baby Pokemon coming in this gen. Can’t say I’m very excited about a Pincer pre-evolution, either. It also seems that with this Pokedex we won’t be seeing any of those rumors types.  I was looking forward to the Light type, though.

Let us know of your thoughts below in the comments section!



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  1. MatthewCarter2

    Sweet baby moses!  No one believes this “Mr XY”  HOUNDOOMED WAT VORTRON WAT TOILET WAT

  2. BrianKeithPersing

    This is bs you only have the first number of starters not there evoloutions and there’s no gap for there evoloutions

  3. TravisM93

    Did you believe there would be an ice cream Pokemon, or a trash bag Pokemon? I still don’t. This list is certainly feasible. The names are a bit lazy and that’s like the only thing throwing me off.

  4. marmokia

    Hasnt this already been proven wrong by now? its past march 15th and theres no reveal. and on top of that, I think the typings for Xerneas and Yvetal are wrong on this, and have already been released as different types. true, false?

  5. Starchild2085

    Yamazuna could be part of the evolution line of Makuhita. If Lagoom, Galliphin and Whalleon were to be real, I’d like to see them ’cause I like ghost pirate ships (due to the name origins of those pokémon) and the combination of water and ghost types looks pretty cool.

    • Starchild2085

      By the way, I think the fire and psychic combination for Fennekin’s evolution is a good idea because fire/fighting for starter pokémon is kinda used. I also think that another dual type combinations for starters’ evolutions would be cool, for example: Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting, since the triad Dark/Psychic/Fighting works like Grass/Fire/Water.

  6. kameronhall42

    Mr.XY also says that the trainers are uncustomizable, but the offical website says otherwise.

  7. kameronhall42

    Also from the fourth rumor the main characters are called Hero and Heronie not Jean and Jane

    • enrieque01

      kameronhall42 The reason it says “Hero and Heroine” on the Pokemon X&Y website is just because that’s the heading for the section about the hero of the game and the heroine of the game (those are the main characters that you play as) Hero and Heroine are not names, a heroine is a female hero, as of right now I guess we don’t know the names of the main characters, officially.

  8. PokemonMastew23

    I dont know when you guys posted but now that E3 is done none of the pokemon revealed were on this list. its 11:46 June 14 2013

  9. Allons-yAlonso

    Um. This list is confirmed fake. Yveltal’s and Xerneas’ types were revealed as not Psychic/Rock and Ghost/Flying, but Dark/Flying and Fairy.

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