Pokemon X and Y Pokedex Leaked By Mr. XY

Update: This was debunked by Mr. XY himself but we still found some interesting things that came from him, including some from this Pokedex. Check out a list of his most creative rumors.


/v/ sensation Mr. XY is at it again with more Pokemon X and Y leaks. Again, take this as a rumor as always.

This time Mr. XY has leaked all of the Pokedex including numbers, names, and types. This would be huge if it proves to be real as we would now know every single Pokemon and the new type combos.

The picture below shows the post by Mr. XY.


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The thing that’s really interesting here is the type combos. Dragon/Fighting, Poison/Steel, Rock/Fire, and Bug/Ice really catch  my eye. This Pokemon X and Y Pokedex seems really interesting. However, the only thing that really gets to me about this leak is that it seems really reliant on the new type combos.

With the amount of leaks coming out about Pokemon X and Y, if all of this proves right we’ll basically know everything about this game months and months in advance. Again, Mr. XY and his leaks need to be taken as rumor but they are still very exciting to read about.

Pokemon X and Y are gearing up to be a great leap forward for the series and if even half of these rumors are real, we’re in for a treat from Game Freak.

The previous leaks have also been very informative about gameplay, new Pokemon, and much more. Follow the previous leaks below:

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Are you excited about this possible Pokemon X and Y Pokedex? Are there some rumors you don’t like? Personally I’m a bit underwhelmed by the possible amount of baby Pokemon coming in this gen. Can’t say I’m very excited about a Pincer pre-evolution, either. It also seems that with this Pokedex we won’t be seeing any of those rumors types.  I was looking forward to the Light type, though.

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