10 Features That Minecraft 2 Needs

I think it’s fair to say that Minecraft has already hit its peak and begun to settle into Indie Legend status. The game has done many, many amazing things and created a surplus of some of the most creative creations we’ve seen in gaming. I mean, how many times have you seen something someone has made in Minecraft and you just say, “wow, I suck at this game.”

Everyone plays the game their own way but it has become somewhat stale. You have to rely on mods to provide a fresh experience with the game due to lackluster updates and without the fabled mod API, it isn’t exactly an easy aspect for every player to get into.

It’s clear that it is now time to begin thinking about how Minecraft 2 should be made and what it must be able to do.

What follows is a list of 10 features that need to be in Minecraft 2.


No. More. Java.

I understand that Notch had to use what we could. That’s completely understandable but when the game became such a huge hit and the sales took off, I believe the game should have been remade using a much better code before it became so massive. Back when the game’s payment system “broke” and everyone was able to play the alpha for a weekend for free, there was a huge burst of sales afterwards which should have prompted a rework.

Java is a resource hog and a pain in the ass to work with. It looks hard to find reasons to stop working and will hang with loading times way too much. In short: Java sucks. It has its reasons for use but a game such as this is just not one of them.

Minecraft 2 needs to be written in a much better coding language. I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a sequel if it was on Java.



Where the hell is this? Seriously, we’ve been waiting forever and so have the modding community. The game is basically at an impasse until this thing releases. The mod community for this game is absolutely incredible and I give sooo much credit to everyone who came up with the craziest, coolest, and most inventive mods for Minecraft. I also give two huge thumbs up to the DivineRPG guys for giving me some of the best experiences with the game.

With a community this active and creative, I find it so surprising that this feature is not out yet. This needs to be built into Miencraft 2 and it needs to be designed with the help of the community so everyone is on the same page and modding continues to flow like a river of creativity and is easier to implement and use.


Lobby System

Now that we got the two obvious features out of the way, let’s head online. Right now you need to know what server you are going to head into and you need all of the information. There is no lobby system where you can see a list of servers that are either private or public. It’s already hard enough finding a server to play on if you don’t know what forums or sites to check but then you have to make sure you have the right mods.

The mod issue has become a bit easier thanks to Technic’s custom modpack feature but the search for servers is still annoying. A Lobby system mixed with a built-in mod API and loader would make this a finding the right server for you a breeze.

There needs to be a lobby system so we can pick and choose our online adventures and who we quest with easier.



With a website name like “Minecraft.net“, this should be a no-brainer.

It would be awesome to be able to log in with my Minecraft account and see all of my friends who are logged in as well. I’d like to be able to see if someone is playing in an offline world, an online world, what server, the information for the server, and have options to chat or join them in the server if possible. The friends list would be a great way to stay connected and keep that group Minecraft experience going.

Plus there could be a notification system where if a friend finds his first diamond a very small text scroll will come up announcing the accomplishment.

This would work hand-in-hand with the next feature.



Full PvP

With the Networking and Lobbying systems, it would be very easy to find opponents or PvP-enabled servers for tournaments, solo matches, or all out brawls featuring tons of players.

There are tons of really cool ways to do PvP in Minecraft with mods and I especially enjoy the ideas I’ve seen using the Hunger Games model and Bomberman style. There’s a ton of ways to have creative PvP and incorporate new and old methods of combat and strategy into Minecraft 2.

I’d like to see a capture-the-flag mode where you can build fortifications to stop the advance of enemies or dig underground tunnels to sneak behind the opponents for an advantage. There are just so many possibities.

This feature needs to come with a team system, guilds, and other such team framework so the vanilla game and modded games can have an easier time setting up team matches and tournaments.


Official Events

Remember when we had the Minecraft Halloween updates and the such? Those were so much fun. They added a sense of fresh air and new content every now and then and I would love to see more of these. They don’t always have to be about holidays, either. Why not have a zombie event? How about a monster invasion event? Or maybe even a licensed Marvel Superheroes event?

Oh man, Minecraft 2 featuring Deadpool!? I’m in.


Story Mode

I loved having a ball in a world I had all to myself but I found myself searching for a story mod or just some way to take advantage of the “adventure” update. I wanted to retain the fact that I could do whatever I want but I wanted something there to show me I have a path I could set out on. I want a story. I want quests. I want subplots. I want bosses. I want real dungeons. I want choices. I want rewards. I want an adventure.

There’s always going to be time to play in “Free Mode” or whatever they could call playing in a world without a story but I’d like to have the options to have my Minecraft character have a purpose.

Again, this would just be an option that you could play in. There would still be an option to play like the current game is.


Loot System

The enchanting system is great… to a certain extent. I’d love to be able to find boots off a Creeper that give me +2 to walk/run speed and +2 armor or something along those lines. I want to see a fully randomized item system in Minecraft 2.

This could also help create a class system. Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually be able to be a Mage or Ranger and receive perks and benefits based off of that without mods?

Think about how modders could play around with a loot and class system. Imagine the insane “epic” rarity weapons and armor you could find in certain mods. This could be like Torchlight 2 but in a Minecraft world.



Daytime Danger

I know people view daytime as the time to build and relax but there should be an option to activate and deactivate some kind of daytime dangers. Some mods bring out the beasties during the day and some of them are really cool. There should be some risks during the day just to keep players on their toes and bring some variety in monsters without needing mods.

This could also bring some rare events where a morning could trigger a peaceful setting and no monsters will be outside during the day. A nighttime could trigger a danger mode where monsters within a certain distance will flock to you and try to kill you if you are out in the wild. Random events for day and night cycles would be awesome and keep things interesting.

For an example, think of Terraria’s Blood Moon event.


Seasons/Year Cycle

Minecraft’s biomes are cool. They add some spice to the worlds but Minecraft 2 needs to take it a step further.

I love how Pokemon games treat seasons. Each season has 3 or 4 months dedicated to it and they are all split up so you don’t have to wait for December, January, and February for Winter.

If I had to plan it out, I’d say give each season one month and then just repeat the order three times for 12 months. For instance, Winter would be January, Spring would be February, Summer would be March, and Fall would April. Then for May it would go back to Winter and repeat the process. This gives biomes a chance to really change and be something other than a visual aspect.

How would the a beach biome deal with winter? How would the forest deal with winter? How would the tropic biome deal with fall? This could really keep the world evolving and changing around you. Plus there could be seasonal enemies, items, weapons, and armor. Ice Armor? Sun Arrows?


What would you like to see in Mincecraft 2? Let us know below in the comments section.




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  1. BrandonMinton

    a mini map
    there have been many times where i lost the map or have gotten lost and have had to die to get back to where i was and lost the map again this is also why i like creative mode but still it’s a hassle to look at the map to find your going the wrong way all along. it’s not a major but still would be nice.

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