Sony: PlayStation Plus Will Have a Prominent Role on PS4, Subscriptions Treble Over Past Year

In an interview with PlayStation Blog manager Fred Dutton SCEE president Jim Ryan has spoken about how subscription service PlayStation Plus has grown on PS4 and its place on PS4.

“We’re very happy with the service that we’ve been able to offer with PS Plus,” Ryan commented.

“It’s been really well received – the value is quite extraordinary and the take-up has trebled over the course of the past year.

“We definitely see that as a core part of the way forward. We’re not yet in a position to disclose our plans for the future of PlayStation Plus, but there will definitely be a prominent role to play for it in the PlayStation 4 landscape.”

Dutton went on to ask what will become of the PlayStation 3 now that its successor has been announced:

“Typically history can help us only so far here,” Ryan answered. “We’re actually still selling PS2s in regions such as the Middle East seven years after we introduced PS3. There are a number of reasons why the transition might be a bit more accelerated this time round, but PS3 is a very important part of our portfolio, certainly in 2013, 2014 and probably beyond that.

“There’s a lot coming on PS3 and it’s going to be very important to us for some time yet,” Ryan added.

In a recent interview with Silicon Republic Ryan may have let slip that Gran Turismo 6 will be a PlayStation 3 title coming this year.

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