Becoming a Better Trainer: How to Beat a Pokemon Game

No franchise that I have ever seen has been able to capture children, teens, and adults all at the same time as well as Pokemon does. Pokemon Red and Blue were revolutionary, and now nearly two decades later, Pokemon X and Y have been announced. Far more strategy goes into playing these games than people often give it credit for. Here’s how you can take a few extra steps to ensure victory for your team of Pocket Monsters.

Catch em all!
Okay, don’t really try to catch them all, unless you actually want to be that much of a completionist. But catching a bunch of different pokemon keeps your options open. Once when playing Pokemon Ruby, my little Torchic starter fainted, leaving me with my Ralts left. Ralts is psychic type and the pokemon I was facing was dark type, meaning none of my moves could effect him. I lost, and eventually came back for my revenge. Had I kept a more diverse team on me, I might have been able to take out that little punk the first time. Catch what you can, because you never know who you might fight.

Stop to smell the XP
One of the problems of keeping a large diverse team is keeping them all equally leveled. Stopping along routes, battling trainers you would usually avoid, and running around in the talk grass just means more experience, which translates into a stronger more unified team. Keeping balance in this is also key. Let your Pikachu get a few levels higher than your Munchlax and before you know it, you’ve got a level 40 Pikachu, and a level 15 Munchlax, leaving a huge weak link in your team.

Save, save, SAVE
This should come natural to RPG fans. Anytime you’re about to face a boss, go after a legendary pokemon, or just do something crazy, SAVE! Being able to come back after accidentally killing Mewtwo instead of catching him is very useful. Also, save after you catch one. I will never forget the time I caught Latios and then my game crashed before I could save.

Use items and strategy in battle
Some items, like Special Attack and XAttack are only useful for selling, but most items are helpful. When your “last hope” for a pokemon battle faints, it helps to have a revive handy to bring it back. Not to mention that it really ticks off your opponent  when you think they have your strongest pokemon at low health and you pull out a full restore. With this also comes attack strategy. Don’t just press random moves to try and get lucky against your opponent. Learn the types, their weaknesses, and the pokemon that possess them. Once you do that, no pokemon will seem too formidable for your “all types” team.

Well those are the most useful and wisdom-filled things I could ever think to tell a pokemon player. Have fun facing of the elite four, and remember: the game ain’t over when the credits roll!