Star Wars 1313 Rumored To Be On Hold

Kotaku is reporting that Star Wars 1313 is on hold. While still a rumor, they are reporting three unrelated sources, familiar with game development at LucasArts, have all said that the development of Star Wars 1313 has been frozen since the Disney’s November acquisition of the LucasArts. This conflicts with initial reports back in November from both Lucas and Disney saying that the acquisition would in no way effect the development of the game. Since then, Disney has made several moves to get out of console development and make a greater shift toward mobile development. All the while, Star Wars 1313 was reportedly still in production.

If these rumors are to be true, it would seem that was not the case. The sources also revealed details about the timeframe of both the game and its development, revealing it was conceived in 2009 as a tie-in to the rumored live-action Star Wars TV show. Both the game and the show were set to take place in the time between Episodes III and IV. In the initial stages of development, the game was called Underworld, and as touted at E3 2012, would be targeted at an adult audience.

Underworld was initially conceived as an open-world role-playing game similar to the beloved Knights of the Old Republic franchise from BioWare. Additionally, it would feature episodic character updates delivered regularly over DLC and the story arcs would address mature issues such as terrorism, the dealings of crime families and prostitution.

In 2010, facing budgetary concerns, the TV show was put on hold. As such, the game was re-written with a new story that would be disconnected from the show. According to the sources, in 2011, LucasArts set out to reinvent itself under the leadership of then-studio-president Paul Meegan, attempting to apply the Star Wars license to games with more popular appeal. A Star Wars riff on FarmVille and a Call of Duty-style first-person shooter codenamed Trigger were both in the works. At the time, 1313 was switched from codename Underworld to codename Hive and given platforming elements, similar to Sony’s hit series Uncharted.

star wars 1313 on hold

The game now dubbed Star Wars 1313 apparently got the blessing of the man in charge, George Lucas himself, and was one of the few highlights of E3 2012 along side Watch Dogs. One notable difference between the two is we have heard more and more about Watch Dogs, whereas Star Wars 1313 has gone completely dark. LucasArts was listed among those currently developing or interested in developing for PS4 at the February reveal, and Since E3 2012 there has been no shortage of general Star Wars news. We now know there will be a new film trilogy, and possibly spin offs, with the first of which being directed by J.J. Abrams.

But still no word on 1313.

If this rumor pans out, might Star Wars 1313 join the likes of Battlefront III, never to see the light of day again. We as gamers can always keep hope, but in the meantime, this news won’t sit well.

Source: [Kotaku] Image Courtesy: Gamerant, ByteofGames