The Best Platformers On the iPhone

I have always considered platformers my bread and butter. Ever since I first played Super Mario World on the SNES I have always loved them. In fact, I could go on and on for pages about my favorites, console, PC, and handheld alike. This article however will focus on what I consider to be the best platformers on the iPhone. So without further adieu, here they are.

Rayman Jungle Run

Most of my young life I could be seen playing my gameboy advance SP. It had pokemon, Zelda, and most importantly Rayman Advance. I’m not sure how my copy of the game survived for as long as it did, because I played the snot out of that game. This is only one of the great games rayman boasted, and just recently the series was brought back to life in Rayman Origins. The cartoonish style of play and cute soundtrack re-sold the series, at least for me. Rayman Jungle Run is basically the handheld version of this. If you have the bucks and respect a good iPhone game, get it.

Pizza vs Skeletons

Something about weird games just makes them fun, and Pizza vs. Skeletons is no exception. It came onto the gaming scene early 2012 and wooed us platformer nerds to our hearts content. The game consists of twelve worlds each containing eight levels, including an epic boss fight. The gameplay itself consists of several different playing styles. One level you might be leaping around killing skeleton foes, and another you may be rolling around rescuing schnauzer puppies. Oh, and did I mention you play as a giant mystical pizza? Fully customizable too. Don’t ask me where the idea came from… I don’t think even the creators know.

Mutant Mudds

One of the most refreshing things to see in a game is it taking a new direction different to other games in a genre. This is where Mutant Mudds seems to excel the most. The game starts with a young boy living with his granny, when suddenly an invasion of muddy foes appears out of no where. You are tasked with fending off these enemies with your dear old gran. The game plays out in three different planes, the front, middle, and back, and you are usually placed in the middle at the beginning of each level. As you progress, jump pads can be found that will allow you to leap between these planes. this awesome way of playing, combined with intuitive level design and art style makes this game, one worth getting.

Robot Wants Kitty

We have another odd one here. A robot in a large monster infested facility wants to get a cat. But his robotic powers just aren’t enough! In order to save the little kitty the robot must go around collecting extra “apps” that enable him to perform extra feats. The more apps one gets, the more powerful they become, and they closer they get to the cute little kitty. awww.

Gravity Guy

Nothing like some “pick up and play’ games, and Gravity Guy nails this, and still is a successful platformer. Run around in a cool helmet, tap to switch gravity, and don’t fly off the screen. If by the end of this game you haven’t died a lot, you haven’t actually played it. Trial and error defines this game, and never seems to get old.



League of Evil

This game’s witty humor, fun comic book story line, and smooth controls make this game ultimately fun. You are a super secret cyborg agent tasked with killing off the “League of Evil” that plagues the world with their evil treachery. The player will run, jump, and punch their way to the evil scientist at the end of each level, collecting optional briefcases (reminiscent of the band-aids in Super Meat Boy) along the way.

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