Indie Arcade #2: Meat, Running, and More

Still haven’t satisfied your need to angrily smash your keyboard over your knee? Don’t worry, we have a few more rage-inducing indie games for you to try out in this week’s installment of Indie Arcade!

Super Meat Boy

Prepare yourself for one of the most difficult platforming games of the past decade. Super Meat Boy makes Super Mario look like a walk through Mushroom Kingdom. Did you think Bowser’s Castle was tough? Bowser never had interior decorators of the evil Dr. Fetus’s calibur. Saw blades, heat-seeking missiles, and enormous piles of salt will tear you apart, blow you up, and dry you out (respectively) as you dash through dozens of levels to some truly amazing music in search of Super Meat Boy’s girlfriend. Get ready to die hundreds of times for only $14.99 on Steam (also available on Xbox Live Arcade).

Castle Crashers

What do the Simpsons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the X-Men have in common? They all had really kick-ass side-scrolling co-op arcade games. Castle Crashers is a throwback to those amazing games we used to play in the arcades as kids. Control one of over 25 different playable characters as you fight across a medieval land in search of the King’s four daughters. The game is full of exchangeable weapons, animal companions, power-ups, and poop jokes galore. The enemies are hilarious, the bosses are difficult, and the mini-games are more fun than you can shake a lobster-sword at. Pick up this fantastic homage to side-scrolling beat-em-ups for just $14.99 on Steam (also available on PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade).

Bit.Trip Runner

I hope you have fantastic muscle memory because this game will have you replaying the same level time and time again. Bit.Trip Runner is one of those amazing combinations of beat-based music and simplistic gameplay that keep you coming back for more. Kick, slide, and jump over obstacles while you run through elaborate landscapes as Commander Video. Just be careful; messing up will make you restart the entire level over again. Pick up this gem of a musical platformer for only $9.99 on Steam (also available on Wii and 3DS), or pick up Bit.Trip Runner 2 for $14.99.

By the way, I met the guys at Gaijin Games, and they were pretty awesome.


I hope for your sake that you have excellent problem-solving skills because Limbo is one of those games where it doesn’t tell you what you’re doing, where you’re going, or how to get there. The fact that Limbo isn’t constantly telling you what you have to do might be one of its best features. You don’t have some dumb fairy telling you what to do the whole time. Limbo is a beautifully artistic platforming game using black and white to create an eerie backdrop. Push some crates and pull some levers to move yourself along, and be prepared to die a lot. You can pick up Limbo on Steam for just $9.99 (also available on PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade). Have I mentioned the large spider? You should avoid that.