Diablo 3 Expansion: How The Story Should Continue And What Needs To Be Added

Since May of last year the Lord of Terror has reigned and been defeated time and time again. The time has come for Blizzard to add to the lore that is Diablo.

How much longer can fans of the game relive the same content while gathering Paragon levels and precious level 63 items? We know Blizzard has great plans in store for Diablo 3 and at BlizzCon I suspect we’ll hear all about them.

Until then speculation will run and fan created stories, art, and rumors will be created. As a big fan myself, I want to throw my hat in the ring. Here is my story idea and list of features that I believe the Diablo 3 expansion should have.


!Spoilers Ahead!


Diablo 3 Expansion – The Story



“Evil doesn’t die. It never dies. It just take on a new face, a new name.”

– Tess Gerritsen



In the end, the Lord of Terror fell. His charred remains dropped from the High Heavens as did the Black Soulstone. The Nephilim stood in triumph as the legions of demonic creatures poured back into the hellish pit from whence they came. It seemed as if the Evils had finally been defeated.

However, as the many focused on rebuilding and carrying on, a few understood that the war wasn’t over yet. The Nephilim went in search of the Black Soulstone. He knew that the object had to be destroyed before the Evils were no more. His search brought him to a familiar setting: the Tamoe Highlands.

After Diablo and his brothers wrought hell on Sanctuary, the Sisters of the Sightless Eye were given the Hellforge Hammer to keep hidden and safe should the need for it arise again. Letters were sent ahead of time delivering the news of the Nephilim’s triumph and new quest. When the champion arrived, he was too late.

Evil still stirs and the only means of destroying it once and for all may already be in the enemy’s hands.

The Nephilim must search Sanctuary for the means to destroy the Black Soulstone. The champion isn’t alone in this search, however. With old friends and new ones to discover, this journey will need all the help it can muster to combat the lingering evils from the depths of Hell.


Key Story Features:

  • TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN: Sanctuary still mourns as the Black Soulstone stays whole. Journey across new and familiar landmarks in your search for the Soulstone and the tools needed to destroy.
  • YOUR DESTINY IS NOT COMPLETE: Although you were triumphant in the High Heavens, the depths of Hell still hunger and blister out onto Sanctuary. Find the source of the unending corruption and finally liberate the world.



I find it quite easy to tell where Blizzard can go with a Diablo 3 expansion. They left so much open during the events of Diablo 3 that you technically could have multiple expansions. I delved heavily into this theory when I described six possible Diablo 3 expansion ideas. The one I feel is the most likely is a mix-match of Acts IX and X that I talk about in that post. This expansion idea concerns Diablo, Adria, and the Black Soulstone.

I think it’s clear that Adria has a lot more to offer in Diablo’s lore than just showing back up, being a total bitch to her daughter, and then betray everyone. She’s after more. She wants the Black Soulstone for herself so they can absorb the powers of the Evils. The only thing stopping her is actually finding the damn thing. The hero character from Diablo 3, the Nephilim, is also searching for the stone but instead to destroy it. To do that it must be broken by the Hellforge Hammer on the Hellforge itself.

As you search for the tools needed to reach the Hellforge, you’re also searching for what NPC’s are saying is a cloaked person that brings evil behind him. Apparently he holds the Black Soulstone.

The first part of the expansion is a race between Adria and the Nephilim to gain possession of the Black Soulstone from this cloaked person.

The cloaked person turns out to be Leah who still carries Diablo inside of her. She seeks to repair the Black Soulstone from the damage it received during the battle with the Nephilim and to do that she must reach Xianshi to the north. Xianshi holds a relic of Tathamet, the great dragon from which all evil was created. If Diablo gains possession of the relic, he can repair the Soulstone and completely merge the Evils into one and become Tathamet himself.

The second part of the expansion details the chase after Diablo to Xianshi. I’m thinking another four acts will do this expansion’s story well. The first act will be going through the Tamoe Highlands and the Monastery looking for the Hellforge Hammer. That is where you’ll find Adria trying to stop you and you’ll learn of her plans. Act II will be the race against Adria to find the Black Soulstone and the cloaked person. Act III will detail the road to Xianshi and chasing Leah/Diablo. Act IV will be in Xianshi.



Diablo 3 Expansion – The Features

There’s no need for one act expansions anymore, especially when you have Starcraft 2 getting full games to continue the story and expand on the features. A Diablo 3 expansion needs to be huge with a full story line and a bunch of features to add to the game.

Here are the features I believe Diablo 3 needs from this expansion.


  • 10 MORE LEVELS: Sure, Paragon levels introduced something but it didn’t give us new skills, higher item levels, or a new difficulty once we hit the top level. Going from 60 to 70 will introduce a ton more characterization and customization for skill builds, runes effects, and more. Paragon can still be there and start at level 60 but 10 new character levels means much more.
  • NEW DIFFICULTY – CHAOS: You must be level 70 to even enter this mode and it will basically replaced what Inferno is now since that difficulty will be for levels 60-69.
  • TWO NEW CLASSES: Blizzard loves doing things in two’s (expect the Pandaran) so I expect two new classes.
  • OFFLINE PLAY: This is coming for the console versions and there’s no reason why it doesn’t be in the original versions. Diablo 2 is still my go-to game on flights, long trips, etc. I want Diablo 3 to take that spot and without a connection, that’s just not possible.
  • LADDERS: Introduce different ways to play the game. What if you can’t use the Auction House on one ladder? What if a different ladder only lets you play as a Monk and whoever reaches level 60 first wins? There are tons of ideas that can make playing through the game feel fresh.
  • FULL PVP FEATURES: Have arena matches for 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4. There should also be bigger matches where teams duke it out on objective-filled maps – maybe 8v8. Include competitive features like leaderboards, PvP seasons, rewards, and more.
  • HARDCORE PVP: Let people create level 1 characters and level them up exclusively in PvP matches where they earn XP, level up, get rewards, and fight as long as they can. Once you die, you’re done. There can be a non-hardcore version of this, too. Mainly because it sounds like a ton of fun.


What do you want to see in the Diablo 3 expansion? Any class ideas? Do you want to see a different story than what I came up with? Let me know below in the comments section.