Controversial Title The War Z Is Back On Steam

Just a couple of months from being removed from Steam, the controversial title is back up. and available for purchase.

Steam News has confirmed that the game, which some believe is a little to close to the popular Arma II mode DayZ is back on the store and that Valve and Hammerpoint Interactive have “collaborated to address community feedback”.  I’ll be honest  I have no idea what that means.  A host of technical problems and outright lies caused some gamers to feel “tricked” into buying the less-than-stellar The War Z, but a new patch promises to fix that.

People who didn’t redeem their refund in time are now stuck with the game, for good or for ill, as Valve has stopped offering money back on the title.

How do you feel about this?  Should The War Z have been let back on Steam, or even put there in the first place?