The 10 Most Amazing Metal Gear Rising HD Wallpapers

Update: Here are 10 amazing Pokemon X and Y wallpapers!


I was pleasantly surprised by how good Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was. I was skeptical about it for awhile since it really is such a departure for the franchise. I’m glad I gave it a whirl because it’s one hell of a ride.

One of the best aspects of Raiden’s latest mission was the art style. It was so vivid and powerful while still retaining an overall Metal Gear Solid feeling. The team did a great job at capturing the expected feel, look, sound, and emotion that should accompany anything featuring the franchise’s name. There were many times that I couldn’t help but point out a certain design or element that was carried over from the main series. It’s a great nod to Kojima’s work and level of detail that really helps cement Rising as a Metal Gear game.

The art style and impactful presentation of the characters, their concept art, and still/stock shots have spawned a ton of wallpapers that beg to be displayed in full HD glory. I normally change my wallpaper based on whatever has my fancy at the moment and when I went to switch to a Metal Gear Rising HD wallpaper I just couldn’t pick one. I found myself downloading multiple and when I hit 10 of them I realized that these must be shared out to everyone. Metal Gear Rising HD wallpapers are some of the best I have seen come from a video game. I haven’t been this impressed with something on my desktop in a long time.

What follows are the 10 best Metal Gear Rising HD wallpapers I could find. There’s no order to them but all 10 are worthy of being on this top list.

Good luck to all you picking out just one that you want to put on your desktop. I had to narrow it down to just three and then pick one at random since I don’t like rotating wallpapers.

The only thing missing from this list is a high quality action shot of Raiden vs. Jetstream Sam. Their rivalry and connection in the game is just so great to watch unfold and I really would have liked to have it plastered on my monitor.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased with this selection. Enjoy!

Note: All Metal Gear Rising HD wallpapers are presented in 1920×1080 size.























Bonus: Just to satiate the fanbase Jetstream Sam seems to be accumulating, here is a 1920×1200 HD wallpaper for him. It’s the best one I could find. I’m still hoping for a Raiden vs. Sam one at some point, though.







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