Rumor: More Pokemon X & Y Information Possibly Leaked

The same person whom appeared before 4chan’s /vp/ board just a few days ago, referring to himself as “Mr. XY”, posted more potentially leaked information regarding the new Pokemon X & Y games that are to be released this coming October. Mr. XY began by clarifying some of the misinterpretations people had gathered from his first post, stating that while the names of the player characters are able to be customized, it is the attire of the player characters (their clothes, hats, etc.) that cannot be customized, similar to every Pokemon game thus far. Mr. XY then continues to say the following:

“I have compiled a list of all of the new Pokemon I know of, about 80 or so of the 99. Some of them I have only heard about from fellow co-workers and second-hand sources, while others I have seen myself. Mainly, there’s a few ‘new line’ Pokemon I have yet to see, or don’t have much information on,” … “With new evolutions and baby Pokemon, there are also quite a few of them I’ve yet to see for myself, yet I have heard which Pokemon are obtaining them.” … “There are a large amount of old Pokemon present during the main campaign, the Regional Dex  [is] around 400 I believe including the new Pokemon.”

The two cover Pokemon for Pokemon X & Y: Xerneas (Left) and Yveltal (Right)

Along with some other information regarding the types and names of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members, Mr. XY included some of the types and design details of the new Pokemon to be included in the game. Of these, it is noted that there will be:

  • A Dragon/Fighting-type Pokemon resembling a gargoyle
  • A Bug/Dark-type Pokemon resembling a Locust Ninja.
  • A Grass/Fire-type Pokemon resembling a coconut soldier.

The inclusion of these never-before-seen type combinations might serve to be a fantastic addition to the series, but we won’t know for certain whether or not Mr. XY is telling the truth about this potentially leaked information until Nintendo and Game Freak come forward with the same.

For the full list of information leaked, including the names and types of the the Gym Leaders and the full list of Pokemon, check out the original post in image format here on Imgur.

Source: Imgur

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