Remember These Crazy PlayStation Ads?

Ah, marketing. From billboards to pop-up ads, it bombards us on a daily basis, trying to tempt us to open our wallets and dump cash into whatever product companies are putting to us.

Like it or not, marketing is a major part of the gaming industry. Big production budgets call for big sales, and the better the marketing, the better the chance companies have to be successful.

And when it comes to marketing, Sony is up there with other legendary game companies for having some of the most interesting, funny, and downright bizarre ad campaigns designed to sell you any of the PlayStation platforms. While there are many, many, many more, here are a few of the craziest that managed to capture our attention.

Spyro the Dragon PSX Sheep Commercial 

There was a weird time during the 90’s where entertainment was bombarded with an array of live-action films and television depicting cartoon characters in real life. While they were trying to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, all too often these endeavors came across as unsettling and creepy. Need proof? See the beleaguered sheep from Spyro the Dragon below:

PlayStation 3 Baby Commercial

One word aptly describes this commercial: TERRIFYING. Seriously, this is the stuff my nightmares are made of. Who at Sony listened to this idea pitch, stroked their beard contemplatively, and went, “Yeah, okay, I could see that persuading the consumers to buy a PS3.” The only thing I learned from this commercial is that PlayStation 3 consoles will require exorcisms.

Kevin Butler

Really, no one commercial captures the essence of Kevin Butler. He’s Sony’s VP of everything, an one of the most charismatic and hilarious personas Sony has ever attached to a brand. For that, we love him and his crazy antics.

Double Life 

While this commercial is kind of ambiguous and vague, it’s also somewhat touching. After all, we as gamers love video games for the escapism they give us. Sure, we’re a passionate group, and we may stand divided on our opinions and individual tastes. But at the end of the day, we love the power that games lend us. And in this PlayStation commercial, Sony manages to hit on that in a moving way.

Pac-Man World 

In case you thought World of Warcraft saw the first appearance of Mr. T in a video game commercial, I give you this PlayStation gem from way back when. And yes, many of the commercials in the 90’s were this nonsensical. As were the 90’s themselves, actually.

Crash Bandicoot vs. Nintendo

There’s something both hilarious and fascinating about this commercial. This one was the first to really show how Sony was aggressively attempting to hone in on the gaming market and capture as much of it as possible from the great Nintendo juggernaut that reigned supreme throughout the early years of home console gaming. On top of that, it started a series of  odd and hilarious commercials starring Crash Bandicoot during Sony’s push to make him the PlayStation mascot. Oh Crash…we miss you so.

SAPS (Society Against PlayStation)

This is it. This answers all of my questions. Every single anti-gaming politician has seen this commercial and took it as a real public service announcement made by an actual organization dedicated to the death of the PlayStation console. I mean, what else could it possibly be?


The weirdest part about this commercial is that it really has little to do with the actual modern console itself. That being said, if ever a games console were to launch with this kind of tech, I’d line up to buy one at launch. Even if it was more than $600.

PSP Squirrels

This one is in the corner with the PlayStation 3 baby commercial. Who in their right minds thought this was a great marketing tactic to appeal to youth? Becuase you know…young people love squirrel puns and suggestively racist dialogue, right?

I have to imagine someone was hit over the head with a rolled-up newspaper after this thing debuted. It’s the only way I can make sense of it.


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