Bundle Stars Offers Third Games Bundle for PC Gamers

Bundle Stars launched the Magic Number Bundle yesterday, treating PC gamers to its third Indie games bundle deal that offers over $120 worth of PC games for $5.50 or less.

The eight titles included in the bundle encompass a diverse mix of genres:

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars – A flight simulation game set in the First and Second World Wars.

Crazy Machines Elements – A puzzle game following the Crazy Machines modus of setting off chain reactions to accomplish goals.

Helldorado – A tactical action-strategy Western, with events centered around the iconic town of Santa Fe.

Storm: Frontline Nation – A military strategy game set in an economically unstable international environment that offers players both strategic and tactical game modes.

Mata Hari – A point and click adventure crafted after the WWI era femme fatale Mata, following her adventures as she uncovers military secrets.

Cargo – A physics-based puzzle and action-adventure game where players build wacky machines in an ultimate effort to restore gravity to Earth.

Crazy Machines 2 – Sequel to Crazy Machines, the first game in the eponymous series.

Alter Ego – A mystery-adventure game centering on the events in a town beset by mysterious murders.


Social ecommerce start up Bundle Stars has been partnering up with game publishers and developers to bring high quality Indie titles to gamers at affordable prices since it was established in November 2012. The third games bundle also aims to support both charity and game developers, as a portion of the profit from the bundle will go to Special Effect, a charity that helps the disabled play and enjoy computer games.

Bundle Stars offers the Magic Number Bundle through their website (www.BundleStars.com) and players use Steam® to redeem the purchased games. This bundle, and two others, lasts until March 12, 2013.