The Best Video Game Memes For Every Current Console

If you don’t know what a meme is these days, you must be living under a rock. Either that or you just don’t know one when you see one.

Every popular thing in our culture has spread through society one way or another. These days one of the most popular things to do is make fun of them. There are so many sites out that they host, create, or manipulate images which then catch on with people and begin to spread around. These are memes and they are everywhere.

Memes don’t have to be funny but in today’s society it is hard to find a meaningful one. The same applies to the industry in which we here at Leviathyn talk about and all us use as our playground: video games.

Video game memes can be found for a dime a dozen with more and more being created each day. Not all of them catch on but enough of them do and no console, game, character, industry person, or idea is safe from them.

Today we will list the best video game memes for every current console.


PlayStation 3


The Size Matters

The size of the PS3 was criticized heavily early on during its existence. We’ve seen pictures of giant haulers bringing in massive PS3’s and buildings shaped as them. However, if video game memes ever captured this fad so well it had to be with the grill idea.




PS3 Has No Games

What started out as an argument turned into one of the funniest video game memes out there. While the PS3 struggled early on, it became common to find pictures describing situations where the lack of games on the PS3 would be relevant. One of my favorites depicts a PS3 trying to score in a bar.




Xbox 360


How Much Can You Hold?

The PS3 is equipped with a Blu-Ray disc drive which can play 25gb and 50gb discs. This gives developers a ton of room to let loose with quality, content, and compression. Over on the Xbox 360 side the same can’t be said. This became a running gag as pictures featuring PS3 exclusives (and even some that eventually went multi-platform) for the Xbox 360 having tons of discs in order to play the whole game. Here are two examples of the meme.


Fortunately when Final Fantasy XIII actually did come to the Xbox 360 it wasn’t like this.




What Do You Do When You See An Xbox 360?

You turn 360 degrees and walk away! This was a joke someone seriously posted on the internet which turned into a huge thing. Obviously if you turn in place 360 degrees you’ll end up exactly where you started looking but that just didn’t click with the originator. This turned into a meme quickly and gave us this gem:




Nintendo Wii


The Wii’s Manual Is Extremely Specific

Nintendo went visual with their manual that came with the Wii. The illustrations showed extremely obvious things that you just don’t do. This caused people to create the craziest additions or edits to the manual. The following are some of the best ones.





Wii Remotes Cause Great Destruction

Nintendo had to ensure you knew about the wrist strap when it came to using the console, playing a game, or even just looking at the damn thing. There were far too many people out there hurling the remotes at expensive things and obviously this cause great laughter for those who weren’t the victim of such destruction.






The Glorious Master Race

While I never see a PC gamer refer to him/herself as part of a master race, the rest of the gaming world label them as such. It’s well known that some hardcore PC gamers can be rough on console players and normally an argument breaks out. While a lot of people can get worked up over this, at least these internet fights spawned this glorious image depicting the glorious PC master race towering above the peasant console users.


Yes, that is Gabe Newell leading the pack.



Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U is still young and the only worthwhile meme I know of has to be the ones concerning the name of the console. Nintendo, in my opinion, took a huge risk with the naming of their latest console. I’ve talked to several people I know in retail and a lot of them have said that your average consumer gets confused about the different between a Wii and a Wii U. Now to all of you (I really hope so at least…) know the difference easily. However, we’re not the only ones that buy games. Some buy for casual play and others buy for gifts. To call the new console something so similar with out using a number to specify a new version is just flat out risky.

However, this meme isn’t all about designation. This meme concerns the way it sounds. Wii U!




Sony PSP

The PSP was actually a beloved handheld around the world but there was still one meme that still echoes throughout the internet. Video game memes are normally pictures but for this meme you needed to see it in action and the internet made sure you had plenty of ways to witness such a wonderful feature. Take me out Mr. Franz Ferdinand!




Nintendo DS

This is one meme that started with the DS but is still actually used today for the 3DS. There’s even a Wii version, too. If there was one thing the DS did extremely well it was make tons and tons of money for Nintendo. This was illustrated quite well with the following meme.




Nintendo 3DS

There aren’t many memes for the 3DS. The system seems to be doing quiet well in the eyes of the ruthless internet users but there was still one thing worth mentioning. Just like the Wii, the 3DS came with a very visual manual. This time most of the memes that spawned from this were edits that showed some text with actual pictures in the manual. While there weren’t many originals for the 3DS manual meme, we still had the follow gems.






Sony PS Vita

Well, this is awkward. There actually are no memes for the PS Vita. No, I’m not kidding, either. Most of the images you find on the internet just talk about system pricing, memory card pricing, or sales numbers. Most of it can be classified as complaining rather than funny business. I saved this for last because there’s just nothing worth showing here. I did include a picture just to keep with formalities of the post but this system still needs a good meme.


Note: Since I’ve gotten a few responses from pro-Vita gamers, let me say that I own a Vita with 13 games and love the system. Currently going through MGS HD Collection due to Rising bringing back my need for Metal Gear. Unfortunately, this was the closest thing I could find to a meme that isn’t just price complaints.



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