Movie News Round-Up: Knights Of The Old Republic, Deus Ex and Fantastic 4

This week, lots of movie news has rolled in and we thought we would put it together in one place for you to browse over with ease.

Kevin Feige, Marvel President of Production, had a talk with Variety in which he talked about the superhero genre of films as well as specifically mentioning Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He said “If [the superhero film] is a fad, it’s one that lasts 30 to 40 years, as the Western did, because each one is so different.” He added “There’s an opportunity to graft almost sub-genres onto them. Our first Captain America film was a World War II picture, and the next is a political thriller. They all have their own textures and patinas, and that’s what is exciting about it.”
This suggests that the film will take a much different tone and theme than the first film. As you probably know, The Winter Soldier is one of Captain America’s major story arcs and it will be interesting to see how this story translates to a blockbuster film.

The Winter Soldier is releasing 4th of April 2014.

Deus Ex is the latest video game series to be turned into a film. The film, currently in production, is directed and co-written by Scott Derrickson and co-written by C. Robert Cargill (both of these guys wrote and directed 2012’s Sinister). Talking to Crave Online, the pair talked extensively about the new film. After being asked which game they will be focusing their story on, Cargill replied “Human Revolution”. In addition, they singled out their inspiration for the cyberpunk genre as District 9, Inception and Looper. They explained “Alien and Blade Runner, together, really changed everything. Smoke and rain and fog and darkness… it’s noir. And Looper and [District 9] went ahead and just got rid of that idea, and said let’s take a different aesthetic… it was “Let’s do make it very realistic, and let’s start where some of these movies end, and let’s have different kinds of problems.” The result was everybody loves them.”

It was also mentioned that they do not want to follow the game too closely, to create a new cyberpunk film: “What they want to see is, they want to see elements of the game that they love, but they want to see things that they hadn’t quite seen in the game, that the game didn’t allow them to see.” I disagree and would like a film to follow the games, to see how another person has interpreted the aspects of the same story. What do you think?

This week, on Twitter, Mark Millar announced that Matthew Vaughn has joined the reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. The director of such films as X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass will join the project as a producer.

The film, directed by Chronicle’s Josh Trank and is scheduled for a 2015 release date.

Rumors have been swirling recently that one of the proposed Star Wars spin-off films is none other than Knights of The Old Republic, one of the most popular Star Wars video games of all time. This caused a stir with fanboys, but the hopes of seeing the film version of the celebrated PC game have been dashed by Drew Karpyshyn, the former BioWare writer who created the stories for both the Knights of The Old Republic and The Old Republic games. He responded to the story on Ain’t It Cool, who updated the story with his response. It said “he has heard nothing about a KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC movie. Of course even if he was working on it, he couldn’t say so – but I’m going to say this looks like a rumor that we can put to rest for now.”

In hilarious news, everyone’s favorite actress Megan Fox has been cast by everyone’s favorite director, Michael Bay. The man responsible for the Transformers film franchise posted on his personal blog “TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!” Expect slow motion running with large explosions in the background… probably destroying another major landmark in the process. Check out Leviathyn’s How to Make a Proper Ninja Turtles Movie!



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