house of cards

A Risky Idea That Paid Off: Netflix’s House of Cards Review

Drugs, Sex, Violence, Corruption, Murder, Nudity, Politics… Netflix made a show that contains almost every touchy subject imaginable. It would have made sense for Netflix to stay away from such controversial topics. A comedy, or a documentary series would have been a safe choice. But that safe choice would have also resulted in safe reviews. Netflix went the ballsy route with House of Cards, and that risky move paid off with an awesome show.

In my opinion touchy subjects like these make for great TV. But only when it’s done correctly with good acting, great writing, and professional production value. House of Cards excels in every requirement for good TV.

House of Cards’s story is unlike almost any other show on TV. The writers of this show obviously paid close attention to detail. So many things happen in every episode, but every action and element is required. There are no unnecessary scenes in the entire first season. A lesser show would make fans lose interest by switching between many story arcs and characters. But House of Cards maintains a constantly interesting, on the edge of your seat story-line without making the show too complicated.

Thanks to both the show’s writers and a cast of award-winning actors every character in House of Cards brings something to the show. Each character is dynamic and realistic, with distinct personalities and beliefs. After watching the first season of House of Cards I feel like I connected with each one of the main characters. But these relationships are complicated.

Take the main character, Frank J Underwood. Do we love to hate him, or do we hate to love him? He makes immoral choices and pushes his weight around to hurt people for personal gain. Frank J Underwood is not a good man. He is everything I usually dislike in a character, but I still feel an admiration and a connection towards him. In House of Cards there is no struggle between good and evil, only between strong dynamic characters.

Like I said earlier House of Cards contains every risqué element imaginable. But it doesn’t just mention sex and drugs, it shows it, and in some detail. I’m honestly surprised House of Cards was received so well. Not because it’s a bad show, but because the topics it covers are so controversial. I guess America is more accepting of discussing these topics than I thought.

But controversy isn’t my problem with House of Cards. My problem is the show is a little over the top. For having such realistic situations and characters there are some big plot twists that don’t fit in. The amount of sex and drugs and corruption also seems like an unrealistic representation of US politics. I’m sure there’s some of this, but not as much as House of Cards is showing. Even though I think Netflix could have made House of Cards a little tamer, it’s one minor criticism against an otherwise fantastic show. And I can see where it’s writers are coming from, over the top makes for good TV.

All in all this is a show worth checking out. All 13 episodes of the first season are now available on Netflix. It’s a show that all types of people can get into, there’s just so much here to enjoy. The great cast and excellent writing is worth the money Netflix spent to make this show look amazing, and it does. It was a risky move that Netflix made, but it’s one that paid off with an excellent show called House of Cards.