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Rumor: Anonymous 4chan User Claims Pokémon X & Y Bring Significant Changes

Update: To see more rumors released by the mysterious “Mr. XY” as he calls himself, read this.

The Pokémon board on 4chan was abuzz yesterday after an anonymous user claimed to know what’s coming for the next Pokémon games. While the poster didn’t reveal any details of his identity (perhaps a sign pointing toward the fact that these rumors are likely false), he did release a plethora of supposed inside information regarding the games, much of it sure to upset loyal fans.

“I’ll spare you any long detailed explanation as to who I am, or what position I hold, only to say that this info will shock, anger, and perhaps relieve long-time fans of the series,” the user wrote. “You may view this as a rumor, or view this as the truth, but I promise you that in the following months you will all remember this post, fondly or not, when it becomes reality.”

The anonymous poster went on to say that Nintendo will release a new Pokémon trailer in mid-March featuring a baby Pinsir and Heracross as proof of his legitimacy.

Here is a condensed list of the rumored features of the games.

  • Main characters are Jean and Jane; the characters’ appearances are non-customizable
  • Trainer now appears in the bottom screen during battle, with a speech bubble interface holding the trainer commands inside
  • Trainers now have their own leveling system that affects how in-game NPCs react to you and grants various bonuses such as increasing capture rate and the rarity of Pokémon encountered
  • A new key item called the Whistle can be used once per battle with differing effects, such as waking up a Pokémon or snapping it out of confusion.
  • A bond level replaces the happiness meter from past games; higher bond levels grant bonuses such as experience or stat gain for Pokémon
  • Bond level bonuses and the whistle feature can be turned off in PvP matches for the benefit of competitive play
  • A new item called the Bond-EYE that resembles a pair of sunglasses allows players to view the nature of wild Pokémon and their capture rate
  • The Bond-EYE also allows players to see visual avatars of other players and send them messages or trade and battle requests; this feature, akin to the Miiverse function in Nintendo Land, will be the first of its kind on the 3DS
  • Wireless co-op is now possible, with one player being the leader and the other aiding in battle
  • Players not able to play cooperatively will be allowed to request aid from NPC trainers in their adventures via a juice bar located in every town
  • The PokéDex resembles a tablet with a 3D display that allows players to view Pokémon models, read full paragraph descriptions of them, hear their cries, view their locations, compare their sizes and weights with others, and read comments made by other trainers around the world about them
  • Excess money can be stored in banks that grant interest and special gifts upon depositing certain amounts
  • Using a special wristwatch device, players can travel 30 years into the past which features different characters, younger versions of current characters, different layouts, and different wild Pokémon
  • The rival faction is Team Gear whose members wear purple bodysuits with black clock hands on them; they mess with events in the past that affect the present
  • In one part of the game, you must catch a Munchlax in the past to clear the road of a Snorlax in the future, suggesting that past generations of Pokémon will be available from the start
  • The professor is Professor Bristle and the rival is Ricki, a magazine writer who documents the strange events occurring in the past
  • The new generation consists of 99 new Pokémon, many of them baby Pokémon (something Leviathyn writer Ray G. doesn’t want to see) and new evolutions of current Pokémon
  • Sylveon is a Normal Pokémon that evolves based on the new bond level; it is the only new Eeveelution
  • There will be a total of six legendary Pokémon that include Xerneas (Psychic/Rock) and Yveltal (Ghost/Flying) along with four black and white Pokémon based on card suits: a cobra with a heart-shaped hood and tail, a tiger with diamond patterns, a t-rex with spade-shaped eyes, and a peacock with a club-shaped tail
  • Most of the brand new Pokémon will be new type combinations such as Fire/Ice and Dark/Electric (something Leviathyn writer Ray G. does want to see)
  • The types of the final evolutions of the starter Pokémon will be Grass/Flying, Fire/Psychic, and Water

What do you think of these rumors? Is there a chance they could be true?

To see a collection of the screenshots from the thread for yourself, you can check this imgur link.

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  1. Ron Hoffecker

    99 new Pokemon and most of them babies or new evolutions? If that proves to be real, then I’m less excited about these games.

  2. Miloticat

    Interesting article.
    Some of these aren’t that bad, but others would just be disappointing.
    For one, I’d hate to have to keep the default names.
    I feel like the “bond levels” thing could show some potential. Like maybe a stronger bond with your Pokemon makes it stronger/happier/more in tune to your commands, I guess that fits in with the anime a bit.
    Also I suppose that the Bond-EYE seems like a good idea to developers. Gaming has become a social activity and a lot of people could be pleased with this. Ones who aren’t (I’m partial) could just not use it.
    I’m also not terribly impressed with the whole “baby Pokemon” thing. Yeah they’re cute, but don’t we want strong Pokemon (or if anything new evolutions) as opposed to prevolutions?
    I guess all we can do is hope that OP was wrong in this case.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Jake.

  3. HanSakura

    personally, i think that these are interesting theories, and i would like to see a lot of them be true. however, i disagree with the final starter evolutions, i feel it is abit obvious that fennekin will be fire/physic, chespin will be grass/dark, and froakie will be water fighting.

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