Creating A New MMO: What Do You Want To See In New Games?

If you personally had the opportunity to talk to a game developer right before they began to design their new MMO, what would you ask for?  The development of games relies heavily on gamer input (or at least it should, if it hopes to stay afloat), and the best way to gather that input is as directly as possible.

New games are a big beast to conquer when developing the program environment and servers that are involved.  There are many under the hood processes that are required to make a game run as smoothly as is expected of a triple-A title these days.  Much of the development starts with gathering what stakeholders in the new MMO deem important, whether its the manager of the company requiring an income or business model, or the admin needing secure and usable databases to store.

But possibly the most important aspect of the gathering process is requesting input from the gamers themselves as to what they are looking for in a game.  Do they want realistic graphics or cartoon-like and colorful?  Do they want real-time combat or turn based?  What about physics?  What kind of traits or themes are the most appealing to track or play as a part of in this new MMO?

However, the game’s aspects aren’t the only important pieces of the program that the gamers need to address.  Do they require an easy login process, or do they prefer a more secure but convoluted process for getting into the game?  What about the character creation process?  Do you want full control of each feature of the character, or is that too overwhelming?  It’s a balancing act, but one that needs to be done.

Games like World of Warcraft seem to have been developed by a design team deeply entrenched in the society that makes up their constituent players, namely the forums.  They take the opinions of the majority of their players (which is smart from a business standpoint) and implement features and storylines that are appealing to them.  The opposite side of that coin contains games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, that seemed to throw together features that may seem interesting in theory when talking among programmers, but end up being repetitive and aggravating.  Each game has their merits, but the most successful games play to their audiences desires.

So what would you ask for if a developer came to you for your opinion on a new MMO?  Would you harp on the necessity of superior graphics, or are you more of a gameplay person?  Do you want your account to be ultra secure at the cost of ease of login, or would you rather take the risk and jump straight into the game easily?  What about a theme or combat system?  Take all of your gaming experiences and list what you would love to see in a new MMO below in the comments.  Maybe a developer will take notice of the gaming scene and make a game for players, by players.