The PS4 Will Not Play PS3 Games, Saves

We already knew the PS4 would not be backwards-compatible with PS3 discs, but today we learned that any DLC content on your PS3 will not be compatible either.

In a report on Engadget, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that current-generation games will not be playable on the PS4, officially making everything you’ve downloaded as of toady almost obsolete.  There has been no word yet about the continuation of gamer profiles and trophies, so here’s hoping they don’t make us start those from scratch either.

Yoshida went on to explain that the technical architecture of the two consoles is so different that it simply wouldn’t be feasible to bring all the PS3 content to next-gen.  We already knew about their plans to bring older games via cloud streaming, but this is still a blow to people with a ton of games on their PSN.  Well, at least all that PlayStation Plus content was good while it lasted.