The 5 Reasons I’m Getting a PS4: From an Xbox Fan

I’ve always been an Xbox fan, a Microsoft consumer through and through. I’ve got my Xbox 360, a Microsoft Laptop, and a gaming PC. Honestly I’ve never owned a PlayStation product, not the PS1, 2, 3, or any of their handheld devices. But after last nights PlayStation announcement I think it’s time to rethink my Xbox fandom, and switch to the PlayStation side. Why? Well, here’s a good 5 reasons I’m getting a PS4:


The Exclusives

When the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out they both had their own exclusives. Neither one had the upper hand. But towards the end of their lives, Xbox had a couple of first person shooters like Gears of War and Halo, and PlayStation had everything else. With the announcement of the PS4 and a preview of some of their titles it looks like PlayStation is going to start the console war off with tons of great exclusives. Already I’m second guessing my choice of the Xbox 360 over the PS3 when titles like Ni No Kuni and The Last of Us coming out. When I saw Bungie come on stage and admit they would have more  content for their new game on the PS4 then they would on other platforms I am convinced. If Bungie can switch, then so can I.

No Backwards Compatibility

For PlayStation fans this is bad news. All of the PS3 owners out there are looking at their massive game collections and realize that they can’t bring it along on their trip to the next generation. I have been worried about switching because I only have Xbox gear. But if everyone’s going to start on the same page it almost makes switching sides easier. Sure, it’s not the best reason to switch consoles, but it makes me feel better about spending all this money on a new console and controllers and games if everyone else has to, too. Xbox, you still have a chance to win me over, and backwards compatibility would help. But if they announce, like the PlayStation, that there will not be backwards compatibility on the Xbox 720, I’ll have another good reason to switch.

Indie Titles

Jonathon Blow made an appearance (the creator of Braid) at last night’s announcement  and said that his new game, The Witness, will be a PS4 exclusive. Xbox used to have reign over the indie market. Braid, for instance, was originally released as an Xbox exclusive. So was Limbo, Castle Crashers,  Fez, and Minecraft. But Towards the end of the PS3’s life, it began competing more and more with Xbox’s indie library. Last night Sony made it seem like they really took into account what developers wanted in a new console, big developers and indie ones. Indie games are great. They’re creative, fun, and cheap, everything you could want in a game. If the PS4 really can provide an easy way for indie developers to produce games on the PS4 then this is the console for me.

Saving Time

I’m a busy guy. I work full-time, go to school full-time, write articles here at Leviathyn, have a normal college life filled with socializing and partying, and still need to find some time to eat and occasionally sleep. The PS4 is a console built for people who don’t have time to just be gamers. Their new sleep function, instant downloads, remote play, and even their console’s specs are going to make gaming faster than ever (read more on the PS4’s time saving features here). I don’t have time to deal with loading screens and downloads, and with the PS4 I won’t have to.


There are a lot of people on Xbox Live, but I don’t feel close to any of them. I have a couple of friends on my friends list made up of people I know in real life. But even when I see them online, it’s too much of a hassle communicating with them on my Xbox. It’s easier just to call them on my phone. I end up playing 99% of my games with strangers, which means I end up playing with a lot of 12 year olds and assholes. The PlayStation Profiles look awesome. It might be a bit like Facebook, but it’s for video games! Which means unlike Facebook, I’d actually use the PlayStation Profile, and hopefully end up building a community of people online that I actually want to play with. And playing games with friends will always be more fun than playing with strangers.

After seeing how the PS3 has grown, and the announcements in last night’s PS4 event I’ve switched sides in the console war. Microsoft, you still have a chance to win my heart back, but it won’t be easy. Your announcement of the Xbox 720 is going to have to blow me away.

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