Capcom’s Deep Down: Taking The Best Of The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, And Dragon’s Dogma

Last night’s PlayStation 4 reveal was jam packed with information and videos. One of the most surprising was Capcom’s Deep Down.

While it was shocking to see Blizzard up on stage and Bungie coming out on a Sony stage, I did not see this coming from a studio like Capcom.

I was pleasantly surprised that Capcom created Dragon’s Dogma, in fact. It’s not a game that you would expect from them and even they proclaimed that. The game certainly brought a lot to the table and I was happy with the presentation and effort they put into the unorthodox title. Even more so, the way the characters interacted throughout the game was great to see.

Dragon’s Dogma most resembled a marriage between Demon’s Souls’/Dark Souls’ combat and difficulty and the atmosphere and expanse that we’ve come to expect from an Elder Scrolls title.

While the teaser for Deep Down didn’t exactly show a lot, it did subtly give us hints at what Capcom is aiming for with this (working) title. If you pay attention you pick out little things about the game that show that Deep Down will be an attempt at melding the best aspects of Dragon’s Dogma, Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls, and The Elder Scrolls.



During the teaser we see interaction between the members heading down into the dungeon. They constantly work together and talk about caution. As they venture deeper you can sense how Elder Scrolls-y this dungeon is, just more beautiful. The tight corridors, open hallways with stalagmites and ruins, and great lighting that makes everything look wet. Then we have the dragon and a perilous fight where it seems like the characters aren’t faring very well. The strength and heat of the dragon is pushing back some of the characters while one brave soul stands his ground. Well, until his shield completely melts.

Just from the teaser we see the kind of party and character interaction that fans of Dragon’s Dogma really enjoyed. We have design aesthetics and inspiration from the Elder Scrolls including the iconic first-person view. Then we see how the difficulty can ramp up making the player have to choose between life or death, fight or flee, much akin to Dark Souls.

Thanks to this, Deep Down seems like it will successfully blend many aspects from three fan favorite games to deliver an intense, beautiful, and next gen dungeon crawling experience.

I can’t wait to see more from Capcom on this game. For me, this was the highlight of last night’s show and I am eagerly awaiting more details at future conventions. If I see this game on the show floor of E3, you can bet I’ll be rushing to it. I love me some dungeoners and if Deep Down really blends these three games together, I couldn’t be more excited.