Three First Party PlayStation 4 Games Revealed

Three games have been revealed and shown off at the PlayStation Meeting 2013.

Following up from announcing the PlayStation 4 console and its features, Sony brought Guerrilla Games and announced their new game Killzone: Shadowfall, Evolution Studios announced DriveClub and SuckerPunch announced Infamous: Second Sons.

Killzone: Shadowfall kicked off the showings. While opening with a beautiful view of the new Killzone world, my mouth opened and did not close for the presentation. The staff here conversed for the most part as to whether the footage being showed was in fact real time gameplay. It was. The game opened up into a full scale battle after a massive explosion killed dozens of people and Helghast soldiers flooded the utopia. The player slides, shoots and melees their way through the hordes only to jump onto a plane and plant C-4 onto it. The demo finished showing the supposedly perfect world cut in half by a dark red Helghast city on the other side of a looming black wall. Following this, the demo was shared from the PlayStation 4 straight to Facebook. To check this out I suggest you go to the Killzone Facebook page.

Next was the first person driving game from MotorStorm developers Evolution Studios, DriveClub. The video showed cars mapped in close detail down to the last weave of carbon fiber. The player is shown to climb into the car and grab the wheel, all from the view of the character you play as. If this was not enough, the game paused, entered a new video and watched it… All without a single moment of lag. The game rewards players for creating clubs, challenging others in the world and beating other people’s challenges. DriveClub was apparently thought up 10 years ago, but Evolution had to wait for the technology to catch up before being able to fully realize their dream.

Lastly, Sucker Punch took to the stage to announce their newest game, which looks intriguingly like a futuristic Infamous with new characters. The game, called Infamous: Second Sons, started the demo with a speech about the freedom we have in our world today before opening the game showing CCTV cameras watching every street corner and person. An explosion takes a camera operator by surprise and he panics. Soldiers investigate the blast and are quickly dispatched by an unnamed man who shoots fireballs from his hands. Another camera operator proclaims that they have the situation under control as the man picks up one of the soldiers helmets and replies “You are not in control.”

These games look amazing and sold me instantly on the next generation. Check out the videos NOW.