PlayStation 4 Not Backwards Compatible, Backlog Available On Cloud

Update:  Well, so much for the lingering hope that current PSN data will transfer.  Sony has confirmed that content downloaded on current-gen systems will not transfer to the PS4.  Drat.


One of the biggest questions about Sony’s new console was whether or not it could play current and past PlayStation games.  We now have an answer.

Dave Perry of Gaikai announced that although the PS4 will not “natively support” PS3 games, there may be other options available to play your old favorites.  Perry talked about accessing your favorite PlayStation games via the cloud, but didn’t elaborate on any details, such as what games might be available and when.

Although it was expected by many, it still kind of sucks I won’t be able to play the pile of PS3 discs I currently have.  There are still some lingering questions about how this cloud system will work, and how they plan on approaching digital content purchased on the PS3.

What are your thoughts on this?  Does this affect your desire to own one?

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  1. gantomato

    I won’t buy one. Just watched the pressrelease ande I’m not stunned with what I saw. Plus ,NOT backwards compatable? I’m not planning to pay any money for games I’ve already bought in the past. (not even a penny) They should be ashamed. Like all those games were free or something when i went to buy them…

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