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No More Waiting with the PS4: Immediate Gaming Everywhere


“No Start-Up Loading”

“One Button and You’re Playing”

“Always Connected”

“Game Ads Based on Your Gamer Profile”

“Everything’s Connected”

Lots of words and phrases were thrown around today at PlayStation’s event that pointed towards how fast and easy it will be for gamers to pick up a controller and play their PS4. But specifically there were a couple of PS4 features announced that are going to make gaming faster, easier, and more portable than ever:

No More Download Times

In the current generation, players that want to buy games from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live have to wait, sometimes hours, for games to finish downloading. The PS4’s PlayStation Network will let players start playing the game with just a small part downloaded. Basically, you can download the first 1% of a game and by the time you’ve played through it the rest of the game will be finished downloading and ready to play. It’s such a simple idea, but one giant time saver that’s never been done. Being able to play new games right after picking them out is going to get rid of the only problem with downloadable games.

Remote Play

Another time saver that PlayStation announced is their “Remote Play” function. This will allow players to switch the game they’re playing on the PS4 right onto their PS Vita. The PlayStation 4 has been built as a server, and your Vita will act like a client. From what it looks like, switching your game from the TV to your portable device will take as long as pausing the game does. Not only does having a Vita save you time, but tablets and smartphones will have apps available (for the PS4 itself, and individual games) that allow you to set up online matches and form groups before you’re even sitting in front of the console.

Content Tailored for You

The new PlayStation Profile (which looks like a Facebook profile page) will do more than just let you connect with your friends online. It will record your gaming choices and allow you to input preferences that will then give you content tailored to your interests. This means that the ads you see on the load up screen will be games that you actually want to play, and it’ll be easier to find new games faster. The announcers at today’s event trusted the success of this feature so much, they said you’ll have the next game you want to play queued up for download  before you even realized you wanted to play it.

Console Specs

What’s going to make your PS4 experience fundamentally faster? It’s the PS4 itself! The specifications announced today include 8 gigs of memory, 8 CPU cores, an enhanced GPU, and an x86 processor. If you’re not a technology geek, this probably doesn’t mean much to you, but everyone can compare the PS4’s  8Gs of memory to the PS3’s 256MB. The PS4 will also have a low power sleep function, which means your PlayStation will always be on. Now when you want to play a video game you won’t even have to wait for your console to boot up without harming your console or electricity bill.