Jonathan Blow’s The Witness To Be Self-Published On The PS4

Jonathan Blow’s new game The Witness will be self-published on the PS4, the Braid creator said today.  We’ve been seeing a lot lately about the game, but the announcement of a PS4 version is still great news.  Even more interesting is Sony’s new self-publishing platform.

Blow extolled the virtues of the self-publishing system for awhile before giving us a look at The Witness in motion.  A slick trailer showed the varying geography of the island the game takes place on, and Blow was his usual zen-like self as he talked about taking a new approach to puzzles.  Braid was one of the most innovative titles of this generation, and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on The Witness.

Less clear is how exactly the new self-publishing system will work.  It is obviously bigger than Xbox’s Indie Game section, but no additional details were released.  We’ll keep you posted on Sony’s unique take on publishing as soon as we get the details.