From Tiny Tower to Viva Piñata: Games to play when No One Is Looking

We all have games we aren’t exactly proud of. Game we laugh at, poke fun at, and generally ignore. But when everyone leaves you know you’re playing them. Good ‘ol guilty pleasure games. Here are just a few I find myself playing when my gamer friends aren’t around.

1. Tiny Tower– I have my iPhone on me all the time. I’ll even admit that at times I pretend to be texting to avoid social interaction in strange places. One if the best ways to do this is to play time killing iPhone games. Queue Tiny Tower. Build an empire of small businesses, stock them, restock them, repeat. It’s also great to play in the john… Admit we all do it.

2. Microsoft Pinball– When I’m done with my computer assignment at school, have an ancient PC, slow Internet, and a shoddy mouse, it time to play Microsoft Pinball. It’s a timeless classic that just can’t be beaten by other pre-installed computer games. I can still remember when my mom beat my score… So embarrassing.

3. Powder Toy– sometimes you just have to let your inner pyromaniac come out. The best way to do this without burning down your house is powder toy. Build thermite lined city, populate, “accidentally” light on fire. There’s really not much you can’t do in this game.

4. Cat Mario- If you just threw your mouse into your outside pool and stomped on your keyboard till it’s in a hundred pieces, you probably just played a troll game like Cat Mario. Things said while playing these games include “what?! That kills me?!?!” Or “I did it! I passed the le-… That kills me TOO?!?!” I’m not sure why I keep coming back to these games. All I really want is for them to say I’m good enough to beat them.

5.Happy Wheels– Happy Wheels, QWOP,  Ragdoll Cannon; these ragdoll games are just freaking hilarious. That is all.

6. Wii Sports Resort- I’ve never been much of a competitive multiplayer gamer. I usually prefer story driven single player campaigns. But something about gathering the family around, playing a bowling tournament, a ping pong tournament, and a golf tournament just feels right.

7. Viva Piñata– I don’t know who the heck had the idea to make a game where you breed living piñatas, grow a garden around them, and name them. Oh that’s right, Rare made this game. Either way, it’s cute, fun, and way too addictive not to be on this list.