Second Mojang Sponsored Charity Mojam Tomorrow Through Saturday

After a successful event last year, raising nearly $500,000 for charity, Mojang, the developers responsible for Minecraft, are holding their second “Mojam” game creation marathon.  The event, likely sponsored once again by the Humble Bundle team, gives a set of indie developers the chance to raise money by creating themed games in a very short period of time, all while being streamed live worldwide.

The development teams participating in this year’s Mojam include:

Mojang (Minecraft, Scrolls)

grapefrukt (rymdkapsel, das mutant)

Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Radical Fishing)

Ludosity (Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet, Ittle Dew)

Oxeye Game Studio (Cobalt, Strategist)

Wolfire Games (Overgrowth, Receiver)


Mojang’s creation in the 2012 Mojam, Catacomb Snatch

If the past is anything to go by, you can expect some long nights, lots of energy drinks and sleepy Swedes.  Last years Mojam produced a pair of interesting games with surprisingly well developed graphical appeal (since both teams have skilled artists on staff and dedicated to working long nights for charity).

The jam is likely to work like previous Humble Indie Bundle events, where you will be able to pay any amount you like, decide how it is split (to either Block by Block or the Electronic Frontier Foundation), and whether or not to donate above the average donation to receive a special gift.  The features of this event, as confirmed by Mojang, include all sequential builds as the jam goes on and final builds to all donors, and those who donate above the average level will be entered in exclusive raffles (what these will be for is yet to be announced).

Like last year, Mojang is also allowing the public to help inspire the theme by taking the highest voted theme words listed on their announcement post and picking from them.

The Mojam runs from 6 PM CEST, or 12 PM EST, February 20 until 12 AM CEST on Sunday, or 6 PM EST on Saturday.  This 78 hour span, if the past serves correctly, is plenty of time for at least Mojang to manage a great game, and certainly enough time for a well organized game development team to create something worth donating to charity for.

A screenshot of the stream page at the very end of the jam. More money was raised after time expired as well.

Fun events last year were planned for the Mojang team at certain milestones.  Notch said that he would cut his beard if the jam reached $500,000. This goal was set as a joke, because he didn’t believe the jam could raise so much money, but he was nearly humbled as the event raised over $450,000.

Last years games were Catacomb Snatch by Mojang, The Broadside Express by Wolfire, and Fists of Resistance by Oxeye.  These games sold more than 77,000 bundles, and the proceeds raised went to Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity:water, and The American Red Cross.

Take a look at the themes on Mojang’s post and let us know what your two favorite themes would be!