PS4 Build Up: Gaikai Registers

Gaikai has registered the domains for multiple websites referencing a PlayStation Cloud service just one day before the expected announcement of the PlayStation 4, Sony’s next generation home console.

The websites, and among others were registered to Gaikai employees on the 15th of February 2013 but the domains have so far gone unnoticed. These give weight to the recent rumors that the PlayStation 4 will utilize Gaikai streaming for PlayStation 3 games.

Gaikai is a company that allows users to stream and play PC and console games through an internet connected device. Sony bought the games streaming company in July of last year for a sum of $380 million. There has been no hint of what they have worked on since they were purchased by the PlayStation manufacturer but there have been many rumors of a PlayStation cloud service ever since they were bought. In 2009 however, Sony registered the name PS Cloud for use with a large list of different things (Thanks Siliconera).

Obviously Sony has been building up to a service for streaming games for a while now and acquiring the streaming company could have just been the next piece of their grand puzzle. Next? Integrate cloud gaming for PS Plus subscribers with a PlayStation 4 and give access to not only PS4 games, but PS3, PS2 and PS games!

Rumors have been swirling leading up to the “PlayStation Meeting”. Reports and supposed leaks have been surrounding the industry for weeks regarding features and hardware for the PlayStation 4. An early prototype of the controller had been leaked last week showing a touch pad, Move capabilities and upgraded design. The hardware specifications have  been known for some time, showing off its potential power.

Sony have got the “PlayStation Meeting” scheduled 20th of February (or TOMORROW!). This is reportedly being used by Sony to announce their next generation console. If recent reports are correct and the PlayStation 4 uses video game streaming, expect PS Cloud to be the official name for the service. Check back tomorrow as Leviathyn will be covering every announcement that Sony releases and we will comb the meeting for anything and everything related to the next generation.