How Megaman Takes Over The World, Megaman Battle Network: Global Operation

I am a huge Mega Man fan. For 25 years I have been playing this franchise and I have a nice collection of games and merchandise from the several different Blue Bomber series. One of my favorites is Megaman Battle Network. I feel that the series was very exciting and versatile. It changed with every release. In 2013, it is easy to see that gamers have changed. They crave new things and new experiences on new and exciting platforms. I believe that the Battle Network series has the best chance to adapt to this new gaming culture.

What follows is my game idea for a new Battle Network game on mobile devices and social networks. This game features a lot of your favorite characters and gives you a ton of options to grow those characters and experience a great story and gripping online PvP.

I hope you as gamers and even as Mega Man fans find this idea exciting. I came up with this not only to please fans but also to please Capcom. After all, each idea needs to be able to make some profit and still be liked by the players. I hope I managed to maintain a balance between in-game purchases and enjoyment without them.

Thanks for reading !

Game Description:

Title: Megaman Battle Network: Global Operation/Rockman.EXE 世界的活動

Platform(s): Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Facebook

Concept: Think Avenger’s Alliance (Facebook) with a Battle Network skin and with the exploration and battles you’ve come to expect from the series.



What Is It?

Global Operation puts you in control of a Net Navi from the Battle Network games. You’ll start out with a Normal Navi, the generic green or purple ones, but you’ll soon be scouted by the Net Saviors to help them combat a new threat on the Net. After that you’ll be able to control one of many established characters as you grow your Navi, customize it, and equip it with the best gear. You’ll be able to unlock Navis from every Battle Network game but it won’t be easy. Some Navis will take longer to unlock unless you spend Zenny on them in the in-game shop.

Using your Navi, you traverse the Global Net using maps as you liberate areas from a growing corruption. On every map you’ll encounter enemies, find items, perhaps get lucky with a rare event, and fight a strong enemy at the end of the area. Journeying through the maps brings you closer to leveling your Navi, making it stronger, and uncovering the mystery behind the corruption.

When you’re not going through maps you can use the Comm system  and communicate with other Net Saviors. You can trade items and battle your Navi through singles competition, special Liberate missions, and official and non-official tournaments. Fighting online also strengthens up your Navi but the opposition will be much tougher than growing through the maps and story.

Global Operation features a brand new story spread across a wealth of maps that tells the story of a new breed of Netbattlers and their fight against the corruption of the Net.



  • BUILD YOUR OWN NET NAVI: Take control of a Net Navi and grow it as you obtain weapons, skins, chips, and augmentations to turn it into the strongest avatar on the Net!
  • CUSTOMIZE WITH STYLES AND PROGRAMS: Search the Net and obtain Programs to install onto your Net Navi. Programs augment your Navi and allow them to enter battles with an advantage. Be careful how you augment your Navi, though. You may end up with a bug! You can also grow your Navi towards a specialization through Styles. Styles let your Navi focus on a particular area such as Power or Speed.
  • CONNECT WITH FRIENDS TO TRADE AND BATTLE: Use the Comm system to connect with other Netbattlers. You can trade Battle Chips and Programs or duel your friends and their Navis. Participate in tournaments and win prizes to further your own adventure.
  • TRAVERSE THE NET WITH FAMILIAR FACES: Find and use rare Support Chips to gain an advantage during battles. Summon help from other Net Saviors like MegaMan, ProtoMan, GutsMan, or Roll. These established characters will help you in various ways.
  • GAIN THE EDGE IN THE FIGHT FOR THE NET: Access the exclusive Net Savior store to spend Zenny on Battle Chips, Sub Chips, Support Chips, Programs, and other items that let your Navi become the ultimate fighting machine.




Two years after the catastrophic event of the Cybeasts, the Net has been corrupted by an unknown threat. As the new leader of the Net Saviors, Lan Hikari has begun searching for new Official Netbattlers to combat the global threat.

As an up and coming tournament star, you get scouted by Lan and are asked to join the Net Saviors. Tasked with ending the corruption on the global Net, it is up to you and the new breed of Netbattlers to grow, explore, and defeat this new menace.



Global Operation takes place two years after Battle Network 6. We find Lan now heading up the Net Saviors as he and Megaman.EXE fight against a growing corruption on the Net.

As parts of the Net are corrupted, access from the real world is cut off and viruses pop up everywhere. As the corruption grows stronger, Navis that were caught inside the affected area turn into evil versions of themselves. These Navis set off on a mission to help grow the corruption which fuels belief that there is someone or something behind the catastrophic event.

Lan and his longtime friend and colleague Mr. Famous set out to recruit Netbattlers to combat the corruption. As a player, you take control of an established character as you help save the Global Net and grow your Navi into a powerful avatar.


Building Up Your Navi:

When you begin Global Operation you’ll witness the tutorial section first. Traditional with the Battle Network series, you cannot skip this section even if you’re a longtime veteran.

You’ll operate what is known as a NormalNavi. These green, generic Navis aren’t very powerful but you manage to defeat a tough opponent and gain the attention of Lan Hikari, the series’ main protagonist. Lan invites you to join the Net Saviors in a mission of great importance. After Lan fills you in with all the details, you are cut off from him and Lan is separated from his PET, which holds his Navi Megaman.EXE. Lan instructs you to use Megaman to stop what is happening in the area.

When you connect to the Net you find a small corruption growth and then begin to operate Megaman and liberate the area. After you succeed, Lan formally inducts you into the Net Saviors and you get to customize your human character. You can be male or female in Global Operation.


Types of Navis

After this you’ll have a selection of Navis to pick from to start playing the game. At start you’ll be able to operate as: Roll, Magicman, Cutman, or Stoneman. These four Navis give you a great example of a Support Navi, an Enhance Navi, a Speed Navi, and a Power Navi.

  • Support Navis are great with healing chips and gain bonuses to their use. Battle chips that give shields and bring back used chips to the Custom screen are also enhanced by Support Navis. In Liberation Missions, Support Navis can heal other Navis on the area screen.
  • Enhance Navis ensure their attacks are stronger by having an added +10 to all added damage chips. They are also able to install more programs with an extra +2 Customizer levels given at level 1. During Liberation Missions, Enhance Navis can give power to a nearby friendly Navi and that ally will go into battle with +20 to their first attack.
  • Speed Navis zip through the battle grid making it harder to hit them but also have a quicker Custom bar to access chips faster. Unfortunately this also means they have a shorter amount of time to pick their chips while in the menu. These Navis also have a quicker charge up for their weapon but are unable to equip certain gear for it. During Liberation Missions, Speed Navis can catch enemies off guard and damage them without entering a battle. This leaves them vulnerable and if they are attacked in the next Enemy Turn they will be unable to select chips in the Custom Menu right away until the bar fills up. This is a great team-up mechanic.
  • Power Navis are the strongest and typically have the higher HP amounts. Power Navis also have stronger weapons and melee chips are given +10 to their attack, including Program Advances. Power Navis also do 1.5x damage to shields. During Liberation Missions, Power Navis can knock back enemies (not bosses) giving the Navi and the team more time to recover until the next attack.



Leveling Your Navi 

There are three ways to grow your Navi. Every time you play a battle – win or lose – you will accumulate three different kind of experience points.

  • XP is what a Navi needs to level up. Levels are required to reach certain places and points in the game and also to equip items and gear such as a stronger Mega Buster or improved Proto Blade.
  • SP gets a Navi closer to achieving or improving a Style Change. Style Changes allow a Navi to focus on an attack type and/or element. If a Navi choosing Default Custom, they can pick from a larger chip selection every time they enter the Navigation Screen during a battle. If a Navi chooses Heat Custom, they can do the same and a new charge up attack will be based on fire. However, Heat styles are weak against Aqua styles.
  • CP allows you to install more programs in the Navi Customizer. You’ll need certain Customizer levels to install more or bigger programs. The more programs you can install the stronger your Navi will be during battles.


Equiping Gear

You can find, be rewarded with, or buy gear to equip on your Navi. Each Navi has a Head, Chest, Legs, and Weapon slot for gear. Head gear usually increases aspects of the Custom gauge. Chest gear normally increases HP and shield amounts. Legs deal with speed and effects that happen during panel changes in battles. Weapon gear affects weapon strength, charge up time, and the properties of a charge up attack.

Some gear is restricted to a certain Navi and cannot be equipped by everyone. For example, a Mega Buster enhancement can only be used by Megaman.

As you gain more XP levels you can equip stronger gear.


Style Changes

Megaman Battle Network has some awesome transformations but I’ve always liked the Style Change the most. Since you’re not just playing as Megaman in this game we can’t use Soul Unisons but the Style Changes can be used for every Navi.

A Style Change is when your Navi transforms and gets stronger in a certain category be it power, speed, or a huge enhancement to the Custom gauge. You can obtain Default Styles which have no elemental affinity. There are also Heat, Aqua, Elec, and Wood Styles that change the properties of your weapon.

There are also different types of Styles. These are Guts, Custom, Shield, Team, Shadow, and Ground.

  • Guts Styles are powerful. This Style enhances you weapon and allows it to penetrate shields faster and become more damaging. You can also equip the Machine Gun weapon gear if you own it.
  • Custom Styles allow your Navi to choose more chips while in the Custom screen. You’ll be able to select from 7 chips instead of 5.
  • Shield Styles replace your weapon’s charge up with a shield that can block a single attack. You also begin battles with a 10HP shield.
  • Team Styles allow you to put extras chips in your Folder for use in battles. Instead of the maximum number of 30 chips in one Folder, you’ll be able to have 34.
  • Shadow Styles excel in stealth. This Style changes your charge up attack and instead makes your Navi invisible for a short time.
  • Ground Styles change up battles significantly due to their charge shots breaking panels if the attack hits a foe.

As you can see, each Style gives a certain advantage but when coupled with an elemental affinity can either be more powerful or riskier to use. For example, a Wood Ground Style has a better chance at breaking panels since the charge up attack travels. However, an elemental Shadow Style may be more challenging to use since your charge up attack is instead the activation for your invisibility and you are now weak against a certain element.

Each Navi cannot attain every Style. Some Navis will only be limited to a varying number of Styles. For example, Megaman can achieve any Style while Stoneman is limited to Guts and Ground. Every Navi can get any elemental affinity with their Styles which makes for some hilarious combos like a Heat Shield Aquaman.


Heat Guts Style


Elemental Weaknesses

These will be important for you to remember. While creating a strategically sound Navi build, you’ll need to remember what it is weak to and what it can pulverize faster with a +20 damage modifier.

  • Heat is weak against Aqua
  • Aqua is weak against Elec
  • Elec is weak against Wood
  • Wood is weak against Heat
  • Default is not weak against anything but is also not strong against anything

Bug Frags

On rare occasions or as a reward you can obtain Bug Frags. These are unknown fragments of power that resonate with the corruption and therefore are wanted for research. You can exchange Bug Frags for great rewards such as new Navis to control, powerful chips, experimental SubChips, and new programs.

You can also exchange Zenny to get more Bug Frags. You cannot trade Bug Frags.

An example of spending Bug Frags to unlock a Navi would be: 15 Bug Frags to unlock Numberman and 90 Bug Frags to unlock Colonel. Once you unlock a Navi you can switch to them and begin building it up and battling with it.


Progressing Through The Game

You’ll have several ways to gain progress in Global Operation. The main one is to experience the story through Main maps. You can also go through other stories with Side maps and Event maps. There are also full group battles with Liberation Missions and PvP with single battles, tournament battles, and team versus Liberation skirmishes.


The Map System

Players control their Navis across maps of the Net. Every map contains a full area, items, random viruses, a chance to include a rare enemy or item, and either a mini-boss or a boss Navi.

  • 1 Full Net area
  • 1-3 Item Nodes
  • Random Viruses
  • 0-1 Rare Enemy/Item Node (Key needed to access)
  • 1 Mini-Boss or Enemy Navi

The core game contains a set number of maps to help teach players how to play and then experience the beginning of the story. Extra maps for the main quest or side quests will come out as free updates or paid content through the store. There will also be event maps that are only available for a limited amount of time and offer great side stories with crossovers and “what if’s”.

Most maps are repeatable after a certain amount of time but some maps are one time use only and usually contain special events, fights, or items. One time use maps are usually only available for a limited amount of time.

The map system allows the game to traverse more areas of the Net instead of just 4 or 5 set areas featuring enemy Navis, like the GBA game did. The map system instead will allow players to continue playing the game across areas of the Net for as long as content is released.

Maps can vary in price and come as individual maps or bundles.

Example: You can buy the WatrCntr 1 (Water Center) map for $0.99. You can then buy the WatrCntr 2 map as long as you have bought and completed the first area for $0.99. However, you could instead choose to buy the entire WatrCntr mission for $2.49 which includes all three area maps and a Gate Key that unlocks a rare Item Node door.

Since buying maps can begin to cost you a pretty penny, the Main maps (for the main story) will be free updates so everyone has a chance to experience the story of the corruption. There will be plenty of Side and Event maps available to those who wish to experience more of the game and gain exclusive and rare items.



Global Operations

Since you can only operate one Navi at a time, you don’t want the other ones you have unlocked to be sitting there and falling behind on power and experience. To counter this, you can send your other Navis off on missions around the Global Net to stop the spread of corruption.

You get one Global Connection free through the game’s story which allows you to send an unlocked Navi out on a mission. You can get more from the in-game store using Zenny. You can have a max of 5 Global Connections.

Global Operations take time to complete and you cannot use a Navi that is off on a Global Operation. Once a Navi returns they will be rewarded with all types of experience and you’ll even get some rewards. There are rare occasions that a Navi will bring back some rare items that can normally only be found on maps.


Singles PvP

You can connect through the Comm system to do many things and PvP has a few different options.

You can fight against a random Net Savior across the world or challenge your friends in 1v1 combat. You’ll receive a rank from F (you lost) to S depending on your performance and also earn points for the Singles Leaderboard.

There are also unofficial 1v1 battles where players can wager chips, programs, Zenny, or even Bug Frags. These battles are not rewarded with Leaderboard points and are done with player discretion only.

Each player has a set amount of time in their Custom gauge before it disappears and combat resumes. This is to ensure your opponent is not waiting on you to continue the battle if you had to put the phone down or leave Facebook.



You can sign up for official and unofficial tournaments in the Comm system. These are a series of 1v1 battles culminating in a championship round.

Official tournaments are free to enter and prizes are announced by Capcom. There can even be promotional events that reward exclusive Navis, chips, maps, items, or programs.

Unofficial tournaments are either free or cost something to enter which is set by the tournament holder. These tournaments can have wagers or other rules such as panel hazards during battles, no shields, and some Navis can even be restricted.

The same time limit during Custom gauges apply here and menus are automatic so there is a constant flow to the tournament. Tournaments can also be broken up in stages and dates. For example, an official tournament can have the quarter-finals battles on a Friday and the next round won’t be until Sunday. This is all set by the tournament holder. Someone who does not show up to a tournament round will be disqualified.


Liberation Missions

A group of 4 Navis can come together to liberate an area that is heavily corrupted. These are highly important areas that the Net Saviors need liberated and these missions call for the best.

Liberation Missions are done on pre-determined maps that have a few different layouts. Each map can be redone as many times as a player wishes and new Liberation maps will be released.

Liberation Missions work like a strategy game. Each Navi gets a turn to move, use an out-of-battle ability, use an item, or battle a foe. Once each Navi gets a turn the enemies will then get theirs.

The same time limit during battles apply for Custom gauges. Also, if you do not take your turn within 60 seconds you will be disconnected from the Liberation Mission leaving the rest of your team in a precarious position.



Versus Liberation

These are officially called training missions by the game. This PvP pits two 4-player teams against each other on Liberation Mission maps with the same rules that apply to them.

This kind of PvP promotes teamwork through Styles and Navi builds.

Players can register for a Versus Liberation match as a random team or as a Squad. Squads are a pre-determined team made up of friends. Squads can have their own logos and can see their squadmates’ Folders, builds, and programs. They can also see your Navis that are unlocked and their stats.

A Squad Leader is the only one that can sign up a Squad for a Versus Liberation match or tournament.

Squads can earn points for the VLiberation Leaderboard.


The In-Game Store

This is the part where everyone cringes but I hope I use this feature in moderation.

I really like the way Avenger’s Alliance on Facebook utilizes the store. You can unlock a bulk of the game’s Navis and items without purchasing a single thing. However, you still have the option to make things faster by buying Zenny and spending that Zenny for things like Battle Chips, SubChips, Program pieces, maps, and even more Navis.

There are two ways to spend on the shop. You can spend your Zenny like money or you can exchange Zenny and get more Bug Frags. Bug Frags are spent on some of the most elusive, rare, or just harder to obtain items.

There are some exclusive things that you can only get by using Zenny or Bug Frags. While you can obtain these two currencies in-game, you can buy more and get stuff faster.

Again, this is a system very much like Avenger’s Alliance. I think it is a very fair system and user friendly. It keeps players thinking they can unlock things with effort and playtime and not feel limited by in-game purchases.


Taking The World By Storm

It’s no secret that mobile devices and Facebook are extremely popular and important in today’s society. It’s also no secret that the people that have and use these things also play games on them.

Gamers like an evolving experience and options to grow their character, challenge their character, and also test them against strangers and friends. What better way to bring Mega Man into this modern gaming experience then by using Battle Network?

The franchise has felt like there is a gaping hole of emptiness since the Battle Network series ended. While it may have been released way too much, too fast, I miss the series and its exciting gameplay. I also miss Mega Man in general as the series has seen better days.

This idea for Global Operation not only brings Mega Man to a new breed of gamers but also gives fans what they want: more Mega Man and new Battle Network. This is also a great way to make some money thanks to the in-game store (hey, companies love ideas like this and I want this thing made!).

This is a win-win for Capcom and the fans. Not only would we finally get a great Mega Man game on mobile platforms but it also brings the Blue Bomber online and to Facebook.

Thankfully the controls for Battle Network would work very well on a touch screen and on the keyboard so there would be no advantage if a mobile player was having a 1v1 PvP match against a Facebook player.

I wanted this game idea to have a ton of options so to ensure every type of gamer would find something they like. Plus, if all of these features are out and ready to use then Capcom would only need to focus on bug fixes, content updates, and new store items.

This game has the potential to reach millions of people especially when you factor in the number of iOS users, Android users, Windows Phone users, and Facebook users. That means Global Operation would be available to play on the three major mobile operating systems and on the world’s biggest social network that can used on just about every major computing operating system including Windows, OSX, and Linux. The reach for this game is insane.

Again, thank you for reading. I’d love to hear your suggestions below on the comments section.





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  1. Thundr-Knight

    i love the idea though i believe in the playr being able to unlock everything with out paying a dime (paying should be shourcuts , while kids who play Execive hours can still win the content ) rare drops for example or a weakly tournament mode where the winners of the region get prizes like it. cuss you dont want the player saying “ahh you have to pay to keep playing , screw this then ” a false sense off FREEdom goes a long way ;P
    any way id love to help if i can ive been a fan of these games for as long as i can remember contact me if ya wanna talk.

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  2. Ruben0406

    I would be amazing if Capcom (or an other company) decides to make this game.
    I have to say that this article is one if the best I read in a really long time. You can clearly see the author knows exactly what he (and all of us) want.
    Let’s hope for the best, the future will teach us.

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