Sony: Playstation Vita Price Drop Announced for Japan

Sony Japan announced a price reduction for the Playstation Vita. Starting February 28th, both the Wi-Fi and 3G Vita models will be priced at 19,980 yen (around $215). Along with this news, which came courtesy of a prerecorded video aired on Ustream, Sony announced various Vita bundle packages that include games to be released later this year. One of these bundles features a silver Vita that comes with the much-anticipated Phantasy Star Online 2. Sony is also offering a 7 day trial of Playstation Plus to anyone that purchases one of the price-reduced Vitas.

Also featured in the broadcast were trailers for Valhalla Knights 3, Soul Sacrifice, Gundam Breaker and a new app called “Reader Store” that will allow users to purchase and download digital manga. It’s unclear as to whether or not North America or Europe will see any of these bundles or price reductions.

Later this week, on February 20th, Sony plans on making an announcement that will possibly pertain to the Playstation 4. Also, since this most recent news only applies to Japan, we’ll more than likely be receiving updates on the Vita for North America come Wednesday. We’ll keep you posted on the latest information as soon as it’s available.

(via Playstation Japan)