Sony Considering £300/$465 Price For PS4

The Times have leaked documents about the PS4 and they seem to point to a £300/$465 price point for the new Sony console.

The price puts it in direct competition with the Wii U and leaves it over £100 under the PS3 launch price (in the UK). The Times also says that Sony wants to release the PS4 worldwide at the same time to prevent themselves being “on the back foot” at launch. This is the opposite of what recent reports have said about Europe having to wait for the console.

This low price is evidence that Sony has learnt their lesson from this generation where many consumers were turned away by sky-high prices. Using this strategy, Sony could have made themselves a very good proposition for customers. Some analysts disagree, “The market is moving is large numbers in a low-cost, softer entertainment experience, if Sony try to go for a hard-core gaming base, they will plant their flag out there with few troops to rally around them.”

Will this price make you consider the new console or is it still way too much money?