One Piece Episode 585 Recap: Warlord! Trafalgar Law

One Piece episode 585 titled “Warlord! Trafalgar Law” shows us even more mysteries behind the island Punk Hazard, a few scenes of signature Strawhat pirates insanity, and hints of how ridiculously powerful the Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law has become over the past two years.

The Recap:

Kung Fu Chopper, Nami, and the kids they rescued reach a mysterious iron door, behind which frozen giants stand like silent sentinels watching whoever goes past. The frozen characters range in size, much like the children Nami wanted to rescue, and appear to be wearing prisoner garb. Meanwhile, Franky and Sanji (with samurai head in tow) finish entertaining the outmatched soldiers who turned out to be all manner of weird creatures, and storm off to join Nami and Chopper as Sanji declares he hears Nami’s “inner scream.” Elsewhere, Luffy’s group is stalled in the lake in the middle of the island as Brownbeard’s troops try to sink their banana boat to take advantage of the fact that there are Devil Fruit users on board, and Brook runs all the way to another part of the lake trying to escape the samurai’s torso, which ends up rolling into the water. The exchange between Law and Smoker heats up further as the marines request access to the inner chambers of the facility and the warlord refuses, declaring the island his vacation home and telling them he was alone. Moments later, Nami, Kung Fu Chopper, and the children burst out the front door, with Sanji, Franky, and the samurai head not far behind. All sorts of weird behavior ensue care of Franky, and the marines are left dumbfounded by what will probably be one of the strangest scenes any of them will ever see in their life. Nami notices Law and Sanji notices the marines, so the group scuttles out of the way and back into the facility, leaving a surprised Law to own up to his lie. As Tashigi urges the G-5 marines to chase the Strawhats down, Law expands a very spacious “Room” with his Devil Fruit ability and proceeds to lift the marines’ entire ship up into the air with “Tact,” declaring that he can no longer let them leave the island peacefully. Smoker stands steadfast between Law and the marines, and a monstrous clash is left for the next episode to show.

One Piece episode 585 screenshots

The Review:

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, I’ve been hearing news that there will be no One Piece episode next week, so the clash between Warlord Trafalgar Law and Vice Admiral Smoker will have to wait. However, if by the time the episode airs, Toei would have thought of a new opening sequence, I’d have nothing to complain about – the current opening sequence and song “We Go” is in the running to be the longest opening sequence the entire series has used thus far. Now, onto the episode.

Unlike episode 584, One Piece episode 585’s title is well suited to its events. Unfortunately, it’s well suited because nothing else of equal significance happened in the episode aside from Law showing off. We were treated to even more questions concerning the identities and fates of the frozen giants in the room Nami, Chopper, and the children crossed, and their intrusion into the tension-filled exchange between Smoker and Law could not have been timed better, but in all other fronts nearly nothing else of note happened. Luffy’s group is still at the lake, Brook has only finished running away from the samurai’s torso, and Nami’s group –reunited with Franky and Sanji – are now running back to where they came from. While the pacing of the episode seemed sufficiently phased, the plot progression of the entire arc has appeared to have been placed at a near standstill in order to hype up the coming battle between Law and Smoker.

The Battle to Come: Warlord Trafalgar Law Versus Vice Admiral Smoker

Hopefully, the sacrifice will be worth it as this is the first time we’ve seen either character duke it out against anyone in the two years the Strawhats have been separated. Will Law’s ability trump Smoker’s logia body? In the next episode, we’ll see who triumphs, and we’ll also get a taste of what serious battles are like in One Piece’s New World.



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