Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 67 Recap: 15 X 15

In Hunter X Hunter 2011 episode 67: “15 X 15,” Gon, Killua, and Bisuke acquire over half of the designated cards required to clear Greed Island, but as the Bomber’s group closes in on the finish line after conning Tsezugera’s group out of a few notable cards, the trio are invited to join a small alliance that aims to monopolize the one card no one has gotten so far: the Patch of Shore in the city of Soufrabi.

The Recap:

The trio continues their quest to acquire as many designated cards on their own and have no trouble clearing half the game. After a few more cards obtained from an ingenious trade plan Killua thought up, Gon ponders if his special in-game amulet can cure the curse of the bandit villagers they came across earlier in the game, and Killua decides it was worth a shot. As they helped the villagers wholeheartedly in the past, the cursed bandits trusted the trio with their lives, transforming themselves into cards. Gon successfully cures their cures with his amulet, and they are rewarded with a special item that turns out to be a rare designated card. Meanwhile, the Bomber’s group successfully uses Risky Dice and Levy to obtain a few cards from Tzsezugera’s group which relieves them of their monopoly on the special items. With the Bomber’s group just three cards away from clearing the game, a few groups decide to come together to monopolize what cards they could to prevent the Bomber’s group from winning, and contact Gon’s group for an alliance. The alliance moves forward – but not without some friction between Killua and another group member – aiming to monopolize designated card number 2: Patch of Shore, which is in the city of Soufrabi. Once there, the group of 15 found out that they had to convince a group of pirates to leave the city to get more information on the card. They head towards the pirates’ hideout, where a few pirates from the group known as Razor and the 14 Devils are waiting.

The Review:

The Greed Island plot finally moves on to more significant events as Gon and Killua’s training under Bisuke has proven to have made them more than strong enough to clear the game. A number of rare cards needed to be collected, however, require more than just strength and Nen acumen. Some, like the Patch of Shore, even need a bit of luck. Better still is that the next episode promises some action – something we’ve been missing for a few episodes now.

Hunter X Hunter is known to have longwinded conversations and explanations – some fans adore it, some viewers hate it, but it’s a signature facet of the series hinting at the depth of the plot, the lore, the world, and the characters that make their way through all of it. But because of the brisk pace with which Hunter X Hunter 2011 blasted off right from the start, it has suffered these past few episodes when the best friends Gon and Killua were training again. Episode 67 is just two episodes away from the few “training episodes” we were stuck in, but it already feels like the plot pacing is back to the way it used to be.

As if to celebrate the return of the standard pace, the next episode preview shows an action-packed half hour featuring a fearsome nemesis: the game master Razor who sent the Phantom Troupe packing after they entered Greed Island illegally (which was the normal way, by boat). From what’s been shown of the muscle-bound Razor character, he will most probably present a significant threat to anyone willing to take him on – what’s more, he’s got 14 “devils” to back him up. Beyond the obstacle that is Razor, however, there is another inevitable hurdle anyone who gains the Patch of Shore will have to face: the Bomber’s group. Genthru will not stand by as some other group obtains one of the rarest cards in the game. If anything, this episode shows that Gon, Killua, and Bisuke are in the thick of the game now, smack in the middle of some exciting developments and on the road to a possible faceoff with the Bomber’s group.


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