Bungie’s Destiny: Initial Impressions

If you live under a rock, you may not have heard about the huge announcement coming out of Bungie yesterday. Bungie, the makers of most of the Halo games, have announced their next project, Destiny.

Destiny is an open-world, massively multiplayer first-person shooter, and is perhaps the most ambitious game I have ever seen. Unlike most massively multiplayer games, Destiny will not require a subscription fee, and is reportedly console-only, with no PC version in the works. The game is being made for current generation consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3) and “future generation technology” (essentially the Playstation 4 and its Xbox equivalent). Bungie has said that they plan to support and update the Destiny franchise for roughly ten years.

The premise of Destiny is not necessarily unique, but still sounds interesting. The game takes place on a post-apocalyptic earth, with the player playing the role of one of the last soldiers for humanity, fighting off alien species who have taken over earth’s landscape.

Personally, I am very excited for Destiny. Destiny promises to fill a hole that has yet to be successfully filled in the gaming market, that of a quality first-person massively multiplayer game, specifically made for consoles. The story of the game seems interesting, but the grand scope is even more intriguing.

Normally, I would feel a bit more cautious about games with such grand and lofty aspirations (38 Studios’ doomed MMO, for example), but Bungie is a proven studio with many major successes under its belt. I am confident that if any studio can pull off such an ambitious game, it would be Bungie.

Unfortunately, there is not any gameplay released just yet, but the gameplay will obviously be incredibly important to the final product. Story usually falls second to gameplay in massively multiplayer games, so the gameplay in Destiny must be tight and well-balanced.

One concern I have with Destiny is its lack of focus on player versus player opportunities. While it has been confirmed that competitive gameplay will be in Destiny, it seems as though it is taking a backseat to cooperative play. MMOs and Bungie games have always shared a value for quality player versus player content, and I hope that Bungie continues to support this.

Ultimately, I am very excited for Bungie’s Destiny. The game looks to have some great opportunities for cooperative and competitive fun, and while the story will probably not be important in the long run, it does look quite interesting. Also piquing my interest is the lack of a subscription fee for this massively multiplayer game, something that everyone can appreciate. While it is hard to make any concrete judgements without some gameplay, I am very interested to learn more about Destiny.