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The Most Rare And Expensive Modern Games

When video game publishers started releasing “limited editions” for virtually every new game, it was obvious they were attempting to cash-in on the collector’s market much like the comic book industry in the 1990s. However, unlike the comics industry, the over-saturation of special edition video games hasn’t yet spelled disaster. This might be due to the fact that video games are much more popular than comic books ever were, and that many of these special/limited/collector’s editions actually contain some cool extras. While this is speculation, it is true that quite a few of these specialized games are in high-demand and many are rising in value. With that in mind, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at what are some of the most collectible and rare games this generation has to offer.

(Note: Prices current at the time of this writing. Prices based on average completed auction value.)


While the Wii doesn’t have any ultra rare games of note, it does have a few collectible titles that are worth owning. Here are three of them.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Sword Bundle

Used: $118

New: $126

The Sword Bundle came packaged with the golden Wii Remote and the beautiful Skyward Sword soundtrack. Totally worth it.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Used: $118

New: $146

Another great addition to the Wii’s JRPG library, Xenoblade Chronicles is quickly becoming a cult classic. If the recently teased Wii U sequel takes off, expect the price for the original to stay high.

Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collector’s Edition

Used: $77

New: $175

This collector’s edition features all three Metroid Prime games so, while a little pricey, it definitely holds value. Great addition to anyone’s Wii collection, even if they have the original Gamecube games.

Xbox 360

Plenty of collector’s editions found on the Xbox 360 have retained their value, but some of them are quite rare and continue to climb in price.

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition

Used: $480

New: $570

Probably the rarest gem on the Xbox 360. This Ultra Limited Edition came packaged with an art book, a graphic novel, an Ishimura crew patch, a custom lithograph and a bonus DVD.

Fallout 3 Survival Edition

Used: $350

New: $430

The Fallout 3 Survival Edition was an Amazon exclusive that came with a digital clock replica of the Pip-Boy 3000.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning: Collector’s Edition

Used: $152

New: $320

The untimely demise of 38 Studios has led to some interest in finding the elusive Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning: Collector’s Edition. The bundle included a large Troll statue, lithograph art, 40 Destiny Cards, Amalur dice set, a map, the soundtrack and some DLC bonuses. A lot of the items featured signatures from either Curt Schilling, Todd McFarlane or R.A. Salvatore.

Darksiders II Limited Edition

Used: $97

New: $138

This special edition of Darksiders II came boxed with a life-sized Death Mask, the soundtrack and an art book. I’m sure that THQ’s closure also has something to do with the game’s increasing value.

Mass Effect Collector’s Edition

Used: $93

New: $299

The collector’s edition of the first Mass Effect doesn’t really contain anything interesting (bonus DVD, art book), but it’s worth some money probably due to the fact the limited edition was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Playstation 3

For my money, The Playstation 3 offers the best modern collectible games. Many are quite rare and have been increasing in value recently. Below are just a few of the PS3’s treasures.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Limited Edition

Used: $97

New: $138

A 250 page art book is the only bonus the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Limited Edition offers, but it comes in some nice packaging and will look lovely on your shelf next to all of your other Hideo Kojima titles. Also, it’s not that hard to find.

Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 Limited Edition

Used: $100

New: $148

The sequel to the gloriously weird Hyperdimension Neptunia, MK2 is perfect for fans of obscure Japanese games. The Limited Edition featured an artbook, the soundtrack, a fancy box and a deck of cards.

Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch: Wizard’s Edition

Used: $300

New: $336

The reason why the Wizard’s Edition of Ni no Kuni is so expensive is because the game sold out quickly. In fact, many preorders for this edition were canceled. So, of course, some of those that actually received their copies put them on eBay to take advantage of the demand. I have a feeling the price on this one will drop, though, so don’t splurge on it just yet.

NBA Elite 11

Used: $700

New: $1000

While it’s unknown as to exactly how many copies of the rare NBA Elite 11 game exist, it’s easily one of the most expensive sports games out there. NBA Elite 11 was canceled by EA but somehow a bunch of legit copies started showing up on eBay, many of which sold for $1000 or more.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition

Used: $3500

New: $5000

Easily the most expensive Playstation 3 game, and more than likely the most valuable modern game to date. The rare Fortune Hunter Edition of Uncharted 2 was only available via a contest through Sony, and only 200 copies are known to exist. Included with the bundle are an art book, a collector case signed by the Naughty Dog staff, a bunch of DLC and a replice of the Phurba Dagger featured in the game.

It doesn’t look the industry will stop producing collector’s editions anytime soon, so if you’re interested in collecting them try to find ones that could potentially become rare collector’s items. Retailer exclusives, anticipated new IPs, sequels for games that have a small yet devoted following and editions that can only be obtained by special means are your best bets. With these special releases getting stuffed with more and more goodies, I’m curious as to what the next-generation will have to offer.

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  1. Luis Mendes

    hi i just want to know if u know the value of sonic colors limited edition…. i cant find that edition anywhere….

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  2. nobitakun

    You forgot one 360 game at least: Tales of Vesperia Special Edition. Its price is around 130$ used and 200-250$ new.

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