Possible Insider Information Posted About Pokemon X and Y

4chan’s /v/ is up to it again!

A new post on /v/ has someone claiming to be a worker at The Pokemon Company. He has devulged information about the new Pokemon X and Y games coming out this October for the 3DS. So far we’ve had rumors about new types, starter evolutions, and what types the starters will be but this is some juicy stuff. The post goes into how many new Pokemon will be in the game and some info about how it will be connected through the internet and utilize the 3DS’ technology.

The original post says:


“Alright. Choose to believe this or not, but I am currently working for the North American branch of The Pokemon Company. I am literally at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to a source of information/importance or even job security. Working for the localisation part of the franchise  literally mt only task  at this point has been to ensure no grammatical or spelling errors have been made for for the blurbs that will eventually be selected to feature on the back of the English 3DS packaging. I am one of few editors (meaning somebody verifies these short paragraphs before I do), so naturally there aren’t many mistakes. Anyway, I receive these small blurbs in a text format with no supported imagery at all. I receive numerous blurbs that are close to identical with only small variations (as other people hate on decide which are more suited for eventual placement of the packaging), and in the proceeding posts, I have selected two of these paragraphs I have received in the past week that stood out to me the most. There is no point asking me anything related to the game, because this is pretty much all I know.


“Discover the immense and expansive region of [rgn] as you set sail on a brand new Pokemon[cprt] adventure! As you make your way on your journey through new and exciting landscapes with your Pokemon[cprt] companions by your side, you soon realize that not everything is quite what it seems. Who knows what people you will meet, and what mysteries you will discover in Pokemon[cprt] [x1][y1]? Which path will you take?”


“Grow your bonds with your Pokemon[cprt] stronger than ever before as you talk to them using Nintendo 3DS[cprt] technology.

  • Over 130 brand new Pokemon[cprt] to meet and befriend! Discover exciting new forms and evolutions of your old friends.
  • Wonder through flourishing cities, quaint towns, and mysterious environments in rich, 3D graphics.
  • Have fun and make new friends around the world with Pokemon Connect[cprt]


Here is an image of the 4chan post and by the way, [rgn] means region name, [cprt] means the corporate/trademark symbol, and [x1][y1]  basically means “insert game version letter here” for packaging purposes.

Any thoughts on this? Over 130 new Pokemon sounds great and I can’t wait to see what new evolutions aside from Sylveon will be in there.

Again, take this with a grain of salt but /v/ has had some leaks before with games.

Also, yes the guy says he’s in grammar and spelling but he notes that he posted this info before actually doing his job and fixing mistakes. He mentions this in the original thread. Still, pretty funny to say the least.