Pokemon X And Y Types: Rumors of Light and Sound Being Added

Update: There is a new rumor out today for Pokemon X and Y concerning an insider leak. Check it out here!


It has been heavy theorized by fans across plenty of websites that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will introduce new two types: Light and Sound.

This has been predicated on a few different aspects but mainly because of the three new Pokemon we know of so far: Sylveon, Xerneas, and Yveltal.

Xerneas is the one that will be the poster child for Pokemon X and has extremely vibrant and colorful antlers. The light that comes off of these is what began the Light rumors.

Yveltal is the flying legendary that will be gracing Pokemon Y and the use of its roar in the official trailer began the Sound rumors.

Now enter Sylveon, which is largely unknown to us. It has been theorized that this new Eevee evolution will be a normal type but its design suggests otherwise. The vibrant colors on Sylveon make me believe that it will be a Normal/Light dual type Pokemon.

How could these two new types work best in the games? I could try to explain in words but this new picture floating around off of 4chan’s /v/ would do it best.


Click for full size.


As you can see, this is just a fan’s interpretation but the evidence pilling up for the two  new types is extensive. The fact that Nintendo did not specifically say what Sylveon or the two new Legendaries’ types are suggests there’s more at work here.

Will Pokemon X and Y get new types? We haven’t seen any new ones since Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal). Perhaps it’s about time Game Freak shook things up with the Light and Sound types. Pokemon X and Y types are a hot topic right now with fans and we’re all hoping Nintendo and Game Freak gives us some new details soon.

If they do add a new type, what would you like to see added besides Light or Sound? Personally, I would like to see a Digital type. There are so many different types of Pokemon but they have never explored technologically related species. I think that would be awesome.