Notch announced as Age of Wonders 3 “Big Partner”

Markus Perrson, also known as Notch the creator of Minecraft, has recently announced that he is the “Big Partner” helping to fund Triumph Studio’s Age of Wonders 3.

Lennart Sas, the co-owner and managing director of Triumph explained, “We noticed Minecraft’s random title-screen blurb mentioned Age of Wonders”, which was the reason they decided to contact Notch about the new game.

So why is Notch primarily funding the new Age of Wonders game?  Simply put, because he’s a huge fan of the series.

Notch enjoys a beer with a couple of Triumph developers.

Age of Wonders 3 has been able to avoid the Kickstarter process that so many resurrected series have to endure, simply because of how much Notch has contributed to the game. They have also said that because of this, they also don’t need a publisher for the game, although they are still looking for co-publishing and distribution deals.

The game has been in development since early 2010 and is scheduled for release in autumn 2013. It is a traditional strategy turn-based RPG. An Android and iOS version of the game have also been rumored; however it would be launched later than the PC version due to development time.