Casey’s Livestream Aftermath

After holding my second livestream of my short Twitch experience, I came out of it with some good segments.  The plan is to have a livestream scheduled each week on Friday, 8PM Eastern Time, and Saturday at 5PM Eastern Time.  Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to get other members of the Leviathyn staff in through Ventrilo or Skype to discuss their thoughts on the weeks news and announcements, as well as discuss their favorite articles for the week!

This week, I played Puzzle Pirates (available free on Steam) before wrapping it up with Minecraft.  My conversation partner in most of the chat was Nathan Spendelow, former editor-in-chief at The Gamer Scene, leaving comments in the Twitch chat room.  That is who I talk to in most of the stream.  Currently, one of the limiting factors to what I play is whether or not it can be played in a windowed mode, since the only conversation I’ve had is through the Twitch chat.  Later on, I’ll be able to play full screen games given I have someone in a voice chat to talk to.

This week, I took the time to answer Nathan’s questions and talk about his thoughts on PC’s and the like.  I discussed my stance on how PC’s stack up to consoles, as well as my thoughts on the Sony conference, scheduled for February 20.  I also talk briefly about the rumored development PS4 controller.  Beyond that, I talk about the game I played this week, Puzzle Pirates, which is a puzzle game (if that couldn’t be gathered by the title) that combines several popular puzzle game elements as well as some unique ones to make a fun and entertaining massively multiplayer ocean exploration and roleplaying game.  The puzzling aspect is key in the functionality of the game.  Practically everything you can do involves playing some sort of puzzle, from bilging to carpentry to sailing, even sword-fights and fistfights.

Here are the videos and links to this weeks highlights:

Main Livestream Recording (Twitch)

Conversation Picks Up (Twitch, YouTube)
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Casey Discusses PC v. Consoles (Twitch, YouTube)
Casey Discusses PlayStation Conference (TwitchYouTube)

In the future, it should be easier to follow conversations, since hopefully the guests will be on a voice chat of some type, and we’d love to have you come and leave your input while we stream!  It makes streaming much more worthwhile, and we can discuss each others thoughts in a polite and friendly medium.

What games would you like to see played on future streams?  Who from the site do you want to hear from?  This is set to be a fun way to discuss the weeks news, and look ahead to future newsworthy events in gaming and technology!

Visit the stream page at Twitch.TV/WeatheredTunic