10 Video Game Girls You Could Bring Home To Mom

Update: The follow-up list “10 Video Game Girls Your Mother Wouldn’t Approve Of” is now up!


Of course we all know these gals are made of pixels but these topics are always fun if only to see what the comments will be like. Video game girls can be attractive and sexy and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. After all, images of people we are attracted to get our attention and that’s exactly what developers try to do when crafting these digital babes.

As my summary says, some video game girls are serious while other aren’t. Some video game girls are sexy while others resemble that cute and quiet girl all the guys hit on but always failed to woo. The point I’m trying to make is that video game girls come in various packages and not all of them would be girlfriend material according to our loving mothers.

Now when coming up with this list I tried to stay away from monstrous and animalistic video game girls. I tried to steer towards the females that would be acceptable to see walking the streets (well, for the most part). You won’t see Shiva from Mortal Kombat or Crystal from Star Fox Adventures on here is what I’m getting at.

Without further ado, here are ten video game girls you could show off to mom and get that seal of approval all women yearn for.


Aeris Gainsborough – Final Fantasy VII

You had to know this charming and wonderful person would make this list. This is the definitely the girl your mother would most want you to end up with. She’s charming, caring, clean, respectful, dresses nice, and is very supportive.

For the sake of a quick background check, Aeris is the love interest for one of Final Fantasy VII’s main characters, Zack Fair. Zack tragically died while protecting Cloud, the main game’s central character. Zack entrusted his life, memories, and legacy to Cloud so that he could carry on and finish what he wouldn’t. Cloud basically assumed Zack’s life and when he fatefully met up with Aeris, the relationship between Zack and her continued almost instinctively.

You could tell that there was an attraction between Cloud and Aeris and while they had some moments together, they never really go all out. The sanctity of Zack and Aeris’ relationship stayed true and Cloud helped Zack fulfill the rest of his life and then moved on to assume his own.



It’s a tragic and moving tale but that just goes to show you what kind of gal Aeris is. She never was with another man and her heart truly belonged to Zack. Something always told me that she knew what Cloud was doing for her deceased boyfriend, even if Cloud didn’t at the time. Final Fantasy VII is one hell of a complex story when you look at it as a whole and the entire paradigm between Zack and Cloud.

Aeris is one of those video game girls you wish were actually real because she’s a sweet one that you just want to sweep off her feet. Good luck with that unless you’ve been brainwashed into thinking your her dead boyfriend. That’s killer baggage.


Meryl Silverburgh – Metal Gear Solid 1/4

Meryl’s a tough chick but at the center of all that toughness and battlefield experience she just wants to be loved. Her internal struggle with her emotions often gave players a tug at the heartstrings during Metal Gear Solid. Even after she had grown up in Metal Gear Soild 4 she still had that womanly presence about her. She’s a great solider and a capable leader but she still yearns for the wedding bells and a better life.

When we first meet Meryl we are trained to think she’s a covert soldier fighting just like Snake. We end up finding out she’s as green as a button and basically stuck hiding and fighting for her life. The Psycho Mantis fight along made you feel for Meryl but then she had to go get shot and captured. Freeing her was extremely gratifying because you knew you weren’t just saving a comrade but you were saving a damsel in distress.

Meryl may be tough but all women are sexier if they can back themselves up when the situation calls for it. She’s a strong and charismatic character and one that would do well in a normal life outside of the gun and camo.

There are others with strong backgrounds like that on this list but that doesn’t mean they can’t be ladies when they need to. I mean, look at the wedding at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4.



Chie Satonaka – Persona 4

Now, I’m going to admit that this choice was filled with bias. If you ever played Persona 4 (which I highly recommend you do) then you’d know there are at least 3 great options to put on this list. Some would argue that Yukiko would be the best choice to show off to your mother and others would say Rise. Hell, maybe you’re digging deeper and think that Yumi would be the best. I have to go with my favorite character in the game and that’s Chie.

Chie is down to earth, easy to get along with, outgoing, supportive, strong willed, tough as nails, and always up for some sort of fun or adventure. Probably most importantly, she would never decline anything your mother makes for dinner. Yes, Chie may have a bottomless pit when it comes to her stomach but she’s the most realistic choice on this list and if you follow her Social Link to completion and into the romantic part then you’d know she’s be a hell of a gal to be with.

Yukiko is cool and all but let’s face it, you’d get really tired of her shy and naive-ness. She may be a respectful and grateful person but I don’t think I could deal with her for too long. Besides, I don’t know about your mothers but mine enjoys someone who will talk to her, hang out, and actually spend some time with her. Chie is the best choice from Persona 4 hands down.



Leliana – Dragon Age

Despite her crazy background as a temptress and assassin, Leliana is still able to overcome that and show you that she’s every bit a woman and one you’d want to sneak away with.

Dragon Age’s romance options and system were pretty in-depth and you could really get a sense of just who exactly you were eyeing up if you listened to everything they have to say instead of just skipping ahead to the “action scenes”. Out of all the romantic options you had at your disposal, Leliana was the choice if you wanted an easy going, strong willed, caring, charming, and loving gal. If you wanted crazy, adventurous, and wild you went for Morrigan. Now, out of those two, who would your mother rather see come through the door when you visit for the holidays?

Leliana has a strong past that mired in blood and deceit but she earns your trust and rightfully so. She stays true to her beliefs and convictions, so much that she may even leave you at the end of the game to protect a holy relic. That’s unflappable in every sense of the word. Still, her story, background, and progress you see throughout the game gets her on this list. She’s a great character and a great gal.



Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

Now, let me get this said right off the bat: we are not talking about the cold and stern Twilight Princess Zelda nor as we headed in an illegal direction with Wind Waker’s princess. Instead, I’m talking about Skyward Sword’s Princess Zelda.

This version of the beloved character is my all-time favorite. Zelda was a lot more than just that character we went to receive the main quest from or had to rescue. In Skyward Sword she is just as important as Link is concerning the progress of the game and her interactions with the cast of friends and foes. Plus, she’s so damn likable in this game!

Skyward Sword’s Zelda always reminded me of a friend I know. She looks just like her. Anyways, Zelda in this game stood up for Link, helped Link, cared for him, fought for him, and ensured she had the most time with him. Finally we had a game in this series where you could not only sense the attraction and emotion between Link and Zelda but you could easily see it unfold.

Link and Zelda are forever… linked… through time and will always end up near each other and you’d think after all these years and in-game generations he would put a ring on that damn girl.

Zelda from Skyward Sword is a great person and extremely caring. There’s just no way your mom would deny that hanging on your arm.



Liara T’Soni – Mass Effect

Liara’s a sweetheart. She cares so damn much and just wants the best for you. Hell, she changed her entire life and became an information broker with plenty of people who want to kill her for it just to find you after the horrific accident at the beginning of Mass Effect 2. That’s some strong feelings right there.

While she may be an alien race, there’s just no way I could leave her out of this list. This list is for those who your mother would adore and Liara is adored by every single person who has ever played Mass Effect – male and female. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about that.

She has dedicated her life to finding technology advancements using ancient yet advanced tech from a dead race. This also proved invaluable when the entire galaxy needs saving from the Reapers. Liara is just so damn resourceful yet still finds time to care for you, talk to you, help you, and fight for you. What more can you possible want? Well… except that she’d be real and all. That’s kind of a deal breaker.



Roll – Mega Man Legends

We go from one workhorse to another with Mega Man Legends’ Roll. I had to pick this version of the character not only because she’s the most fleshed out in terms of character, background, story, and personality but because she’s extremely likable in Legends.

Legends also features Tron Bonne but I don’t think your mothers would enjoy her rolling up in some crazy contraption while keeping you chained because she finally got you. Roll instead would act just like part of the family. She’d help fix dinner. She’d  talk to you parents. She’d help your little bro with his match homework. She’d bring a desert. Also, she’s extremely handy around the house!

So wait a minute… food, hard working, and keeps the family away from you and focused on her? Perfect. Match. Uh.. I mean, she has a lot of other great qualities like her big heart, wonderful smile, and she’s so supportive!



Princess Peach – Super Mario Bros.

Yeah, yeah I know she gets kidnapped like every Tuesday but she’s a total catch. Not only is she royalty so she knows how to carry and present herself but she’s caring, fun, and energetic.

I mean, who else are you going to find who will play soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and other fun stuff with you and will never complain?

Peach just wants a happy life without a weekly Bowser incident and in the real world, I don’t think that’d be a problem given that giant fire breathing reptiles don’t exist here.

Peach would be a great catch here in the real world but unfortunately you’d probably need to be royalty yourself to even get near her. Or perhaps just be the plumber on duty in the castle when she’s getting kidnapped. That might help, too.



Claire Redfield – Resident Evil

Claire has seen some $#!%, man. Not only has she survived the Raccoon City incident but she’s also been involved with the Ashfords and the attack on WilPharma.

Because of all the viral outbreaks, Claire has taken up the humanitarian front instead of the front and center warfare that her friend Leon and brother Chris have taken up. She fights worldwide to stop these incidents with her voice, her experiences, and her unending willpower to keep truckin’ on after Raccoon City.

You can tell that Claire’s light-hearted, thoughtful, and supportive. Unlike her friends, she wants as normal a life as possible and while that can be difficult at times due to her protesting and lobbying, she still has aspirations to be a normal woman who wants to enjoy herself. She’s the classic smiling gal who always asks how you’re doing, if you need anything, and that she’ll be around whenever you need her.

While we could use her in another game (psst! Capcom!) I’m sure our mothers wouldn’t mind if she takes a break from the digital life and comes to hang out with us here in the real world for a bit.



Alyx Vance – Half-Life

Alyx may very well be the best digital woman to ever exist. Valve crafted her so expertly. They had a vision, of course. They want to create a strong woman character who was built on her intelligence and survivability instead of sex appeal. Alyx is covered in clothes and doesn’t have anything “popping” out or revealing yet she still manages to come across as powerful, sexy, and capable. In short, Alyx Vance is one of the best video game girls ever and perhaps the best example of them in the industry.

That all translates into super smart, helpful, and beautiful. Those three things all rolled up into one package is something most men seek for their entire lives. Valve has created that package. However it’s ah… not real. So, you know, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

I only kid. No, seriously it was joke, don’t kill me women! You all have redeeming qualities!



Stay tuned tomorrow for when I present the 10 video game girls you would NOT want to bring home to your parents. That’s going to be a fun list.

Again, while the pixels are digital, the ideas and stories are fun to entertain. Unless you see someone with a Zelda body pillow (seriously, that’s way too far), they’re good to go!




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