Harrison Ford Will Return as Han Solo

According to Latino Review, Harrison Ford is certain to reprise his role as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII.

The rumors about who will return to the franchise have been flying around ever since the initial announcement and we seem to have our first glimpse at the casting.

Latino Review’s El Mayimbe was a guest on Fox News Latino where he broke the news. He announced “It’s official. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies… Triple checked…Legitimate sources.” There is no word on how his role will play out.

Those who do not trust this announcement must know that Latino Review have previously broke major film news. Mayimbe references Marion Cotillard being cast as Talia Al Ghul, despite her protests to the contrary and J.J. Abrams directing the next Star Wars (which was again labelled as fake until it was later proved to be true) as evidence.

While not officially confirmed, this could help to reassure some fans (like me) who are cautious of continuing the franchise. What do you think?