Top 5 PS4 Announcements That Will Win Us Over (And Five That Won’t)

It’s the talk of the town, the cafeteria, on the internet, at work, in the swamp – probably not the swamp, but wherever else you are Sony’s magical energies have more than likely permeated the atmosphere. Looking to reveal what most believe to be the Playstation 4, Sony is touting February 20th as the defacto date when good things will happen. As magisters of the video gaming world, we’re expecting the full-blown PS4 reveal, but we’re going one step further. On that fateful day, we’ve come up with five things that Sony could do to make the world rupture with excitement, likely enthralling us perpetually. However, it wouldn’t be as much fun without adding in a few things they shouldn’t do either.

Sony’s got a lot on their table right now and their fans, merciless as they are, demand a strong showing from the supposed king of video game land. While the PS3’s reveal could have gone better, Sony can’t afford to cough into the sleeping dragon’s face this time around. Saying that, we’re positively sure this generation has humbled the entertainment behemoth and this time around will be much different.

Alright! No more distractions! Commence primary ignition:

What we’d appreciate from the Playstation event:

1) Make us want that sleek, lovely and somewhat dusty, Vita!

Why we want this: Although it hasn’t realized its full potential, the Playstation Vita is a marvelous device that is capable of a great many things. It feels and plays great, carries all assortments of perks tied to your Playstation Network account and it’s totally being completely squandered. If the Vita had the software (like the 3DS does now) and released with all of its features on day one, we’d be singing a different song here.

What Sony would announce: After touting the Vita and acknowledging that they’ve been bad, bad people for ignoring their machine, Sony states that anyone with a Vita who purchases a PS4 will instantly be credited $50-$100 in Playstation Store credit. They’d also announce day one integration with the new system, cross-compatibility with all store items and reveal a slew of incredible titles like a new Final Fantasy Tactics. Yes, please?

2) Confirm Final Fantasy VII’s long awaited remake and its exclusivity!

Why we want this: You’re kidding, right?

What Sony would announce: Like the day we were given this, the crowd grows silent as familiar rings begin to sound. The swirling vortex of colors all of a sudden explodes into the iconic, panoramic shot of Midgar with the game’s theme song blasting unrestrained – we begin to cry. Sony explains the game will finally be releasing to all regions only on the PS4 and will be accompanied by a Vita version. The world then folds in on itself.

3) Display brand new trophy system, internet features, interactivity, etc!

Why we want this: Having the best of all worlds when it comes to consoles is one of the reasons why no one out there should have prejudice when it comes to Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. All the consoles are great in their own right, but Sony certainly could learn from Microsoft’s online infrastructure. The ease of use when comparing XBLA to the PSN is one that’s easily in Microsoft’s favor and it’s time to rid the world of syncing trophies, Sony!

What Sony would announce: On stage, Sony would rifle through the brand new interface, showing off all the new gadgets including an all new trophy system – sync free! They’d also showcase their brand new friend management system with extreme ease of use and accessibility that the PS3 previously lacked. Of course, they also tout the PSN+ and give subscribers even greater rewards. Oh, and as to be expected there’s a free model too.

4) Confirm the re-emergence of titles lost to the tides of time!

Why we want this: There’s rumors every once in awhile about companies trademarking something or, perhaps, thinking about reviving an old franchise but, more often than not, it never comes to pass. Legacy of Kain? A trademark was recently passed for a new one, but does that mean it’ll happen? In a word – no. Sony should cash-in their nostalgia chips here and announce some revamped classics to get the fans even more riled up. How would they get some of these rights? Hey, we’re just dreaming here! Shhh.

What Sony would announce: After fully showing off the system itself, Sony would bring a bunch of developers on stage that probably vomit out lines such as, “It’s the most powerful Playstation ever!” After that, they list off, in sensationalistic fashion, some old-school classics that fans have been dying for: Crash Bandicoot remade, a true Twisted Metal in the style of Twisted Metal: Black, Legacy of Kain anything, another Dark Cloud, the reinvention of Parasite Eve, etc. Also, they outright name The Last Guardian as a launch title. Surprise!

5) Full Steam integration!

Why we want this: Gabe Newell’s infamous statements and actions regarding the PS3 show how much potential the partnership has. Portal 2’s integration allowed for cross-platform play, now imagine that on a more grand scale. We want Sony to realize the power behind Steam and the energy it brings to the system. Not to mention, it’d be pretty cool to play Orcs Must Die! 2 on it.

What Sony would announce: Near the end of the conference when you think everything is all said and done, Sony pans back to their laser screen of fate and calmly states, “We’re not done.” After that they fully unveil their plans for full Steam integration with any game that’s both on PC and PS4. Then, they drop the mic and walk off into the sunset. Santa Claus is real.

As we stated above, good announcements are… good, but what if Sony’s event turns out to be the biggest letdown of them all? We shudder at the very thought, but trudge on nonetheless.

What would turn the Playstation event into a giant enemy crab:

1) Announce a next-gen, system launching Ridge Racer!

What Sony would do: Knowing zero people who actually buy or play the Ridge Racer games, somehow the series still continues moving forward. Since Sony struck out in such laughable fashion last time, they decide to take another swing at it with a Ridge Racer launch title! Gran Turismo is notably absent. Oh, and it’ll come to the Vita as well.

Terrible Factor – 5/10: Another Ridge Racer? Now?

2) Sony show off a heavily upgraded Playstation Move!

What Sony would do: Not knowing any better and thinking people still crave hardcore games with motion control compatibility, Sony surges onto the stage and announces the existence of a new Move controller. After onlookers finish sobbing in tormented sorrow, Sony reassures their fans that they have no idea what they’re doing when they announce the unthinkable; the purchasing of the Steel Battalion franchise.

Terrible Factor – 7/10: To think that anyone actually got excited about this event and then Sony goes on to do something like this. I shudder to think of a next-gen, Move version of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

3) Killzone 4 gets a showcase… with a pre-rendered cut!

What Sony would do: Everybody remember this? Incredible as it was, Killzone 2 never surfaced until 2009. Highly criticized for the pre-rendered showcase, Sony decides to amaze the crowds once again with a spectacular display from the next Killzone – pre-rendered. It doesn’t take long for the crowd to figure out that what’s going on simply couldn’t be real. E3 2005 ensues once again.

Terrible Factor – 4/10: Considering that they had been caught before and still attempted this exercise would be mind-blowingly hilarious. When it’s all said and done though, I guess there are worse things we could have. Speaking of which…

4) The Last Guardian and Kingdom Hearts 3 are revealed as Vita exclusives!

What Sony would do: It’s no secret that Kingdom Hearts has fallen far from grace, but the relentless assault by the fans continuously calls for the true sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2. The Last Guardian, also avoiding the hands of gamers, is a title that’s just as sought after, if not more so. On February 20th, Sony gives the fans both, but just as fans are done hugging one another in an impossible embrace of joy, Sony drops the bomb; Vita exclusive. Also, they give Kingdom Hearts another terrible subtitle: Mickey’s Ultimate Warriors or maybe Dream Fist Squadron.

Terrible Factor – 10/10: I can’t think of a more dickish, heartless move. Seriously.

5) Sony displays another astronomical price point with quotable lines!

What Sony would do: We keep going back to E3 2005, but for good reason. Remember the PS3’s initial price point of $600? Upon reveal, the PS4 is touted as “the most prestigious console ever created.” With a $700 price and talk of how their fans will work more for the opportunity to play on it, Sony has effectively recreated their embarrassing showing all those years ago.

Terrible Factor – 6/10: Having your excitement blown away by condescension as well as an extortionate price point isn’t all that fun. Maybe Microsoft will have something better.

February 20th is right around the corner, folks! Would you like Sony to announce anything mentioned on this list? Perhaps you have a few better ideas? Whatever they might be, sound off below and make sure you keep up with us on Twitter and the book of the Face.